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    Creative Brief: New Beginnings

    A new year brings many new opportunities for growth, even during a pandemic. Whether that means self-improvement through fitness, through emotional or psychological well-being, or through professional achievements, the goals are endless.

    Creative Brief: Home Fitness

    Due to the pandemic, more people are working out indoors. Whether it's with fitness apps (which saw a 46% increase in downloads from Q1 to Q2 2020), streaming classes, or buying fitness equipment, there are plenty of ways to highlight the surge in home fitness.

    Creative Brief: Live Streaming

    Live streaming is becoming one of the most popular and important ways for people to communicate, learn, and showcase products and brands, and give presentations. This is a great opportunity to showcase the juggernaut that is live streaming.

    Creative Brief: Back To School

    Schools around the world are underway, and education looks a lot different than it has for a very long time. Temperature checks, wearing masks, and staggering schedules are all commonplace. Highlighting this "new school" system is great for many users wanting to show the realities for the global youth.

    Creative Brief: Essential Businesses

    Once COVID-19 restrictions and shelter-at-home orders started to be implemented worldwide, businesses started to shut down literally overnight. This is a chance to highlight the people and businesses who are still out there working, even when they may not want to, can't afford not to, or are providing something important we all need during these times.

    Creative Brief: Home Cooking

    Cooking at home has become more important than ever for many people around the world, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic moved everyone inside. 54% of Americans say they're cooking more, which is cheaper, healthier, and creates less waste than eating out. Highlighting this vital part of modern human life could be great for now and in the future.

    Shoot Brief: Gaming

    The video game industry brought in $152 billion in revenue in 2019, with $65 billion in mobile gaming alone. A billion people simply watched live streams of gaming. As global internet access improves and more people start gaming, this could be a great topic to shoot for now and in the future.

    Creative Brief: Quarantine

    With the novel coronavirus spreading rapidly around the globe, people are quarantined inside their homes and taking all safety precautions while out, trying to make the best of it. This can be a chance to highlight the new reality for millions of people worldwide.

    Creative Brief: Working From Home

    As companies shift their workforce to more remote positions and pandemics keep us all inside, working from home will be the new reality for many workers around the globe.

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