Creative Brief: Virtual Reality

Keyword Code: VRP5BRIEF

We’re looking for folks of all ages and races wearing VR goggles, augmented-reality headsets, and smart glasses and watches. These forms of technology are sparsely represented in our collection, which is why we need pioneers like you to help populate this frontier with future-laced images. Stake your claim and immerse your actors with VR headsets and any other wearable tech gadgets that connect them to the future.

Shot-List Thought Starters

• Subjects immersed in a VR experience with a variety of emotions and expressions
• Subjects adjusting and fitting VR goggles

Woman Wearing VR Headset at Home by rodinhamidi

Pro-Tip: A great way to beef up your core concept is by implementing the mix-and-match approach. Plan your day, but make sure to reserve some extra time before or after you capture your VR shots. Remember to get coverage of other important entertainment and tech-driven topics, such as streaming movies and playing video games.

Suggested Conceptual Keywords: future, immersion, connection, discovery, futuristic, technology, cyberspace, wireless technology, entertainment, leisure, connectivity

Typical Users: telecommunications companies, retail stores, internet services, entertainment industries, communication companies, tech companies, travel industry, virtual-reality simulator industry

Casting Considerations: Age, gender, and race diversity. Authenticity and diversity will play an important role in the success of your shoot.

Submission Checklist:
• Remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: VRP5BRIEF
• Have all property and model releases filled out and submitted
• No logos or brands visible in any of the clips
• Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords to the clips

Top image: Still from Beautiful Woman Wearing Vr Headset At Home by rodinhamidi