Creative Brief: Human Anatomy


Clients often license shots of human anatomy to convey a concept beyond the literal meaning. For instance, lips, ears, and eyes are used to symbolize the senses or to illustrate insight or intellect. These simple shots are far from simplistic in their messaging, and are always ranked high as one of Pond5’s best-selling categories.

Shot-List Thought-Starters

• Extreme Close-up of eyes – one and both
• Extreme Close-up of lips – smiling, frowning, laughing
• Extreme Close-up of ears
• Actor’s hand massaging his or her upper and lower back to symbolize pain relief
• Muscles flexing
• Panning over the natural shapes, muscle tones, and curves of a body
• Finger rubbing temple to symbolize pain relief
• Close-up of wringing hands

Suggested Keywords: Insight, Intellect, Strength, Success, Pain, Power, Awareness, Imagination, Relief, Information, Directness

Typical Users: Health and Beauty, Telecommunication Companies, Internet Suppliers, Heathcare and Pharmaceutical Companies, Documentary and Feature Films, Reality and Nonfiction Television Programing, Fashion Brands, Food and Beverage

Female Green Eye Close-Up Extreme Macro Zoom by gcrook

Pro Tip: Renting or purchasing a macro lens will be key to capturing most of these concepts. Dramatic lighting should be a strong consideration for more of the wider body shots. Avoid jewelry, makeup, nail polish, or any other accessory that could be distracting. On the other hand, if you’re satisfied with the results of what you captured from the list above, then you may want to introduce additional concepts such as a smile that reveals gold teeth, a missing tooth, or braces, an engagement or wedding ring slipped on a finger, a computer mouse in the hand, or a finger touching a computer keyboard, tapping phone keys, or piano keys. Capturing reflections of a computer monitor or television in the pupil of an eye could be well worth the extra effort.

Casting Considerations: Age, Gender, and Race Diversity

Before You Shoot:
• Please check what content already exists in the Pond5 marketplace
• Think about a visual approach that will result in new and fresh footage

Submission Checklist:
• Remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: HUMANATP5BRIEF
• Have all property and model releases filled out and submitted
• No logos or brands may be visible in any of the clips
• Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords

Top image: Close-Up Of Woman’s Puckered Lips by PhotoAlto