Music Briefs: Soca, Reggae, Hawaiian Music, Sitcom Themes

This month, we’re going global with our music briefs, bringing you a number of styles from around the world that have been in demand in our marketplace. Perhaps with summer on the way, it’s not surprising that people are looking for brighter vibes, so take your pick from soca, instrumental reggae, or Hawaiian vibes and give the people what they crave. Or bring it back home and channel your favorite retro sitcoms, because nostalgia never goes out of style.

Once you’ve completed your work, a unique code can be applied to each track – just add the code (provided at the top of each brief) to your keyword tags when you upload. That way, we’ll know which genre you’ve been focusing on.

If you have any questions or comments about any of these briefs, just email Pond5’s Director of Audio Collections, Mike Pace, at

Reggae Instrumentals

We want to hear your take on classic, mid-tempo, deep bass, offbeat guitar roots reggae. Don’t be afraid to throw some dubby delay in there!

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: reggae, Jamaica, rasta, weed, dub, dreadlocks, ska, spliff, summer, caribbean, island

    Hawaiian Music

    Mahalo! We’re looking for authentic-sounding tracks utilizing ukulele, nose flute, and slack-key guitar. Be sure to mix up the tempos!

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: Hawaii, island, ukulele, tropical, clam, leai, palm tree, travel, honeymoon, sun, sunny

    Soca Music

    Get into the groove with some bouncy, upbeat Caribbean tunes! Soca fuses latin, soul, calypso, and West African rhythms.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: soca, carnival, festive, caribbean, trinidad, tobago, upbeat, party, groove

    Sitcom Themes

    Relive the days of the classic multi-camera sitcom by leaning into some sweet ‘70s and ‘80s sounds. Make sure you end your cue with a nice flourish — the cheesier, the better!

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: sitcom, half-hour comedy, 70s, 80s, cheesy, fun, funny, comical
    Don’t Forget:

    Take advantage of the 50 keyword limit and add both broad and specific keywords, but no recognizable band or artist names,please!

    We also encourage you to submit :15 and :30 versions of these tracks for social-media use.
    Top image: Little Boy Playing Ukulele at the Beach by cppzone