Creative Brief: Home Recording Studio


Inexpensive technologies have made recording music at home much more feasible in the last decade. The concepts in portraying a theme such as this will reach far beyond the subject of a musician recording at home, which translates to more sales from more buyers outside of a music related market.

Shot-List Thought-Starters

• Wide shot of home studio with and without talent.
• Musician plugging instrument or midi controller in audio interface or USB port.
• Musician playing instrument or midi controller (wide and close-up)
• Musician using mouse to navigate through music software
• Musician singing into microphone
• Portrait of musician in home studio

Suggested Keywords: Creativity, Technology, Innovation, Uniqueness, Originality

Typical Users: Banking and Investment, Telecommunication Companies, Food and Beverage, Credit Card Companies, Entertainment Industries, Retail

Young Musician Composes and Records Music by barselona_dreams
Pro-Tip: Quite a bit of stock imagery is devoid of life with regard to the environments where people live and work. The idea of stripping away the character of a location only reaffirms the clichés of minimally styled sets that appear unlived in. By subtracting too many things from your set to create a minimal environment, you remove a major character from your story: the location. With that said, avoid any copyrighted products and logos.

Casting Considerations: Teens to 50somethings, gender, and race diversity. Authenticity and diversity will play an important role in the success of your shoot.

Before You Shoot:
• Please check what content already exists in the Pond5 marketplace
• Think about a visual approach that will result in new and fresh footage

Submission Checklist:
• Remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: HOMERECP5BRIEF
• Have all property and model releases filled out and submitted
• No logos or brands may be visible in any of the clips
• Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords

Top image: Musician Recording Music by caiapond5