Creative Brief: Sonic Healing

Keyword Code: SONICP5BRIEF

Actors wearing headphones are often portrayed dancing, swaying, or nodding to a rhythm or beat. Although these types of clips are always in high demand, it’s important to add another theme to explore. Sound, vibration, intonation, and music to heal the body and mind has become a growing alternative to the more traditional practices of healthcare.

Shot-List Thought-Starters

• Very relaxed subject either reclining or sitting wearing headphones at home, spa, or yoga studio
• Sonic therapist using Tibetan or crystal singing bowls, with or without patient
• Relaxed subject wearing headphones in stressful environment, such as subway platform during rush hour, subway car, bus, office

Suggested Keywords: Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Introspection, Sonic Therapy, Balance, Detoxify, Restore, Transformation, Wellness, Meditation, Stimulation

Typical Users: Healthcare and Wellness Companies, Investment and Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Technology Companies, Entertainment Industries

Tibetan Singing Bowl by voxmood
Pro-Tip: Casting real people can be a challenge — the challenge being that your real person must possess qualities that are highly appealing for video. Authenticity demands that you take an attitude with your work that coats the banalities of everyday life with an aspirational gloss.

Casting Considerations: All ages, gender and race diversity

Before You Shoot:
• Please check what content already exists in the Pond5 marketplace
• Think about a visual approach that will result in new and fresh footage

Submission Checklist:
• Remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: SONICP5BRIEF
• Have all property and model releases filled out and submitted
• No logos or brands may be visible in any of the clips
• Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords

Top image: Senior Man With Headphones Listening to Music and Reclining by caiapond5