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Business shoots can cover a wide variety of themes, from telecommuting, small business, startups, shared co-working spaces, to a corporate boardroom meeting. How, what, and where we conduct business is constantly in flux, so it’s crucial to be aware of new terms and trends that can assist you in applying the most contemporary vision to your work.
What to Create
Top themes and scenarios in business

  • Corporate business
  • Small / start-up business
  • Business on the go
  • Financial districts (aerials / timelapses)
  • Stock market (graphics)

Quick Tips
Make the most of your business shoot & maximize your sales potential

  • Shoot a real business with real owners, if possible
  • Avoid cliches like high-key lighting, programmed gestures, and forced emotions
  • Use simple props to layer additional concepts into your business shoot
  • Be mindful of clothing and technology to ensure shelf life

Conceptual Keywords
Don’t just think descriptive – including relevant conceptual keywords ensures your content can be found in a wider range of searches

  • Success
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Research
  • Leadership
  • Cooperation

Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: BUSP5BRIEF
Best Sellers
A collection of some of the best-selling business clips on Pond5

Top image: Business People Having Brainstorming Session In Office by cavanimages