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Urban skylines change quite rapidly, so no matter how many city shots we have, there are never enough fresh new angles and updates. Beyond the cityscapes, there are plenty of other themes you can capture. For instance, industry and transportation are important concepts to look out for, including ports and cargo ships, trains, freeways, public transportation, and stadiums. Urban and suburban neighborhoods that illustrate the personality of a city are important to capture as well.
What to Create
Top themes and scenarios in cities

  • Cityscapes (different times of day)
  • Aerials
  • Timelapses / hyperlapses
  • Street shots
  • International cities
  • Iconic landmarks

Quick Tips
Make the most of your cities shoot & maximize your sales potential

  • Be wary of recognizable faces – even in timelapses. Playing with focus and blur can sometimes result in a clip that is ok for commercial use.
  • Drone operators should familiarize themselves with the local rules and regulations in the location they are shooting in, to ensure they are in compliance with the law.

Conceptual Keywords
Don’t just think descriptive – including relevant conceptual keywords ensures your content can be found in a wider range of searches

  • Diversity
  • Progress
  • Globalization
  • Energy
  • Urbanization
  • Travel

Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: CITIESP5BRIEF 
Best Sellers
A collection of some of the best-selling cities clips on Pond5

Top image: France, Paris, Eiffel Tower At Dusk by RooMtheAgency