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Healthcare is one of the most important categories in our industry. Gaining access to a medical facility, however, can be challenging. Try securing real doctors, dentists, or medical professionals for your shoots. See if you can get footage of doctor’s offices, surgery rooms, or senior centers. Shots of medical equipment (stethoscopes, thermometers, EKG machines), home checkups, pregnant women, or people sick in bed all fit well with this topic. Remember, in reality, rooms are lit, not people. In stock, there’s a tendency for filmmakers to overuse high keys to light an environment, especially in medical shoots.
What to Create
Top themes and scenarios in medical & health

  • Doctor’s & dental office
  • Common health issues
  • Wellbeing (yoga, healthy diet)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Medical technologies (scans etc.)
  • Elderly care

Quick Tips
Make the most of your medical & health shoot & maximize your sales potential

  • Light the room, not your actors
  • Play with the idea of medical in different settings – urban, suburban, rural
  • Access to a medical facility will really set your shoot apart

Conceptual Keywords
Don’t just think descriptive – including relevant conceptual keywords ensures your content can be found in a wider range of searches

  • Wellness
  • Recovery
  • Examination
  • Comfort
  • Pain
  • Healthcare

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Best Sellers
A collection of the best-selling medical & health clips on Pond5

Top image: Doctor Comforting Boy Laying In Hospital Bed by blendimages