Creative Brief: Client Requests – Lifestyle


We receive shot wish lists directly from clients on a regular basis. Similar requests from multiple customers often come up, especially in the lifestyle genre. These are great opportunities to create content that is needed across multiple industries. We’ve compiled the most recent lifestyle-driven shot list needs for your reference, and allow you to capture content that’s in-demand now, and are evergreen topics that will have lasting appeal.

Shot List:

  • A diverse group or couple driving in a car wearing fall / winter attire in an urban setting
  • Natural, candid clips of people using devices, for instance, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • More families of 3-4 using devices with tweens or teens
  • People in motion that are leaving some sort of “trail” or creating some sort of movement, for example, making waves in water, tire tracks in dirt, people tossing snow up in the air, people kicking up dust while running) – preferably in groups
  • Groups of people watching a movie together inside a theater
  • Service-members in military uniform. Lifestyle shots…not in combat. Could be video portraits, tidying up their uniform, lacing up boots, greeting family members.
  • Engineers interacting with equipment, for example, machinery, cell towers, data labs, etc)
  • Business people using their devices while traveling (mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc)
  • Small business owners using devices (mobile phones, tablets, mobile credit card machines)


Diversity is always important to keep in mind for lifestyle shoots. Keep it authentic and remember that life isn’t always shiny happy all the time. In addition to pleasant emotions, think about capturing a range of expressions including focused, determined, concerned, sad, etc.

Include the location in your metadata, especially if you’re filming outside. We’re increasingly getting requests from customers wanting to license & use content that’s captured in specific countries/regions.

Woman Using Her Mobile Phone And Looking Around While Traveling In A Cab by nataliefaye

Suggested Conceptual Keywords: Lifestyle, Diversity, Connections, Family, Technology, Phone, Internet, Devices, Groups, Business, Love, Friendship, Happiness, Innovation

Customers/Sectors: Telecommunication, Banking & Investment, Insurance, Technology, Credit Cards, Healthcare

Submission Checklist:

  • Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: CLIENTP5BRIEF
  • Keep it authentic! These clients are looking beyond ‘stocky’ material
  • Include model releases, and property releases when needed
  • No logos, brands, or IP may be visible in any of the clips
  • Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords

Top image: still from Young Man Explaining Mobile Phone Internet To Boy At Home by Dualstock