Music Briefs: Fight Songs, The 90s, Black Metal, Drone

This month we’re looking for brassy fight songs, shiny 90s tunes, creepy black metal and shimmering drone.

Once you’ve completed your work, a unique code can be applied to each track – just add the code (provided in each brief) to your keyword tags when you upload. That way, we’ll know which genre you’ve been focusing on.

If you have any questions or comments about any of these briefs, please email Pond5’s Director of Audio Collections, Mike Pace, at


Fight Songs

Be true to your school and let ‘em hear it! Sprinkle some pomp and circumstance into your march and write an anthem for your team.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: fight song, march, school band, school, anthem, sports, team, battle, triumphant, attack extreme


The 90s

Close out the aughts with a look back twenty years to a glossier, more colorful time. Bouncy beats, major keys, and an emphasis on optimism.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: 90s, pop, slick, electronica, big beat, positive, confident, uplifting


Black Metal

Lo-fi and terrifying, with an emphasis on screaming, super distorted guitars, very fast tempos and a decidedly bleak, wintery atmosphere.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: black metal, lo-fi, creepy, scary, raw, corpse, extreme



Minimalist, meditative, with an emphasis on subtle harmonic variation.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: drone, ambient, minimalist, sustain, post-rock

Don’t Forget:

Take advantage of the 50-keyword limit and add both broad and specific keywords (but no recognizable band or artist names please)!

We also encourage you to submit separate :15 and :30 versions of these tracks for social-media use.
Top image: Adorable Child Playing At Guitar Close Christmas Tree, Traditional Suit by MEDIAIMAG