Creative Brief: Politics


With so many global issues at stake — including the economy, climate change, healthcare, education, gun control, among others — the political scenes in many countries around the world are dominating headlines, as policies around these key topics are taking shape. This year in particular, there is a strong focus around the presidential election in the US and Brexit in the UK, and therefore, demand for video and still photography of political figures is at an all-time high.

Keep an eye out for events, rallies, speeches, and demonstrations happening in and around your area and capture them!

Types of Content to Capture:

  • Politicians leading speeches and rallies open to the public
  • Politicians on the campaign trail
  • Supporters holding signs of political candidates and key issues
  • Protesters against key political issues
  • Influential personalities speaking out on political & social issues

Key Figures:

    • Presidential Candidates (US) – Donald Trump, Joe Walsh, William Weld, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Tom Steyer, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Mike Bloomberg, Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard
    • Speaker of the House of Representatives (US) – Nancy Pelosi
    • Congressional & Senate Candidates (US) – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & various
    • World Leaders – Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi
    • Other Influential Personalities – Greta Thunberg, Hong Kong protestors, others who have a voice on key political & social issues


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Speaks At A Bernie Sanders Rally In Las Vegas by Chasecom


There is a demand for both VIDEO and STILL PHOTOGRAPHY in this category.

First of all, safety is extremely important when capturing footage in circumstances that may be crowded, chaotic, and sometimes violent. Also, make sure to assess every situation and ensure that you can safely film as events unfold.

Moreover, if you use your mobile phone, position it horizontally so that customers have maximum flexibility when using the image or footage.

Furthermore, detailed and accurate metadata is crucial to include with Editorial content. Make sure to mention the date, location, and event information in your title and description. Relevant keywords are extremely important to include as well.
Suggested Conceptual Keywords: politics, political, social issue, activism, speech, campaign, supporters, rally, demonstration, protest, event, news, newsworthy, editorial, journalism, eyewitness

Donald Trump Exiting His Plane At Rally Of Supporters & Chanting Protesters by steveandlizdonaldson


  1. Include code CITIZENP5BRIEF in your keywords.
  2. Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords to the clips
  3. Send your content to curation and once the clips are approved, our collection team will track down your content.

Customers/Sectors: TV Programming, Documentary Films, Political Campaigns, News Outlet

Submission Checklist:

      • First of all, please remember to tag your clips with the keyword codes: POLITICSP5BRIEF & CITIZENP5BRIEF
      • Also, don’t forget to add detailed and accurate metadata capturing the date, location, and description of the event
      • Follow the steps to submit listed above to ensure that your content is included in our News & Archival editorial collection

Top image: US Flag and Capitol Building, Washington, DC by rabbit75_pon