Music Briefs: Civil War, Yoga, Greek Music, Mardi Gras

This month we’re looking for authentic Civil War era and Greek music, as well as meditative sounds for yoga and celebratory Mardi Gras music, therefore, we‘re encouraging you to enrich our database.

Once you’ve completed your work, a unique code can be applied to each track – just add the code (provided in each brief) to your keyword tags when you upload. That way, we’ll know which genre you’ve been focusing on.

If you have any questions or comments about any of these briefs, please email Pond5’s Director of Audio Collections, Mike Pace, at


American Civil War Era Music

Break out the bugle, snare drum and fife and try to create something that wouldn’t sound out of place in the 1860s.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: 1860s, civil war, americana, american, pioneer, historical, patriotic, Mason-Dixon, Confederate, Union



Soothing, relaxing, meditative, in other words, yoga. Feel free to extend the length a bit to fully get into the zone.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: yoga, meditation, healing, calm, relaxation, soothing


Traditional Greek Music

We’re looking for traditional folk music from Greece incorporating uncommon instruments, for example, lira and laouto (lute), the tambouras and gaida (bagpipe), the zournas (shawm), the daouli (drum), and the dachares (tambourine).

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: Greece, Greek, Athens, bouzouki, mediterranean, lira, laouto, tambouras, gaida, zournas, daouli, dachares


Mardi Gras

Funky, soulful, swampy, horn-y. Above all, bold, brassy and celebratory. This is Mardi Gras.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: Mardi Gras, New Orleans, Funky, Gumbo, Bourbon Street, Louisiana, second line, zydeco, festive, joyful

Don’t Forget:

Take advantage of the 50-keyword limit and add both broad and specific keywords (but no recognizable band or artist names please)!

We encourage you to submit separate :15 and :30 versions of these tracks for social-media use.

Also, please note tags can be applied to existing tracks in your portfolio.

Top image: Portrait of a Playful Mature Woman Playing Air Guitar with Stick in Kitchen by caiapond5