Creative Brief: Spring Cleaning

Creative Brief – Special Keyword Code: SPRINGCLEANP5BRIEF

This month‘s Creative Brief brings you Spring Cleaning. The northern hemisphere is turning back toward the sun, and that means Spring is here! It’s time to open some windows, pull your shorts and t-shirts out of winter storage, and get your home ready with some deep cleaning. After a long and brutal winter magnified by a pandemic, what could be better than showing people brushing, scrubbing, sweeping, and wiping away the previous year’s mess–both figurative, and literal.


Creative Brief – Shot List Thought Starters:

  • Various unique angles of people cleaning out their homes, apartments, garages, or offices
  • (POV) Shots of people’s hands using cleaning tools/equipment
  • Macro/extreme close ups of hands cleaning
  • Shots of people cleaning while watching a screen or having virtual conversations
  • Shots that convey cleaning a digital mess–clearing desktop, emptying trash, organizing cords
  • All members of a family working together to clean
  • Showing an overload of trash, dirt, or messiness due to the pandemic (e.g. food delivery containers)
  • Neighbors, friends, or community members cleaning together (social distancing, masks, etc)


Suggested Keywords: spring cleaning, cleanliness, work, transition, change, sanitize, metamorphosis, change, home, pandemic (if applicable), covid19 (if applicable)

Typical Users: tech companies, news & media organizations, ad agencies, social media companies, vloggers, health and wellness industry


Tired Family With Kids Finishing Spring Cleaning by CabbageVP.


Pro-Tip: The biggest thing here is to stay safe and healthy when making this content, and don’t shoot with more people than what your government or public health agencies recommend. Secondly, do your best to cast real-looking talent with real skills to get authentic content. Also, please be conscious of logos and other intellectual property as well.

Casting Considerations:  Race and gender diversity, authenticity with talent and imagery. Accept the challenge to subtract artificiality from your setups. In other words, keep it REAL. These things will play an important role in the success of your shoot.

Location Diversity: homes, apartments, condos, garages, home studios/offices, businesses

Woman In Headphones Relaxing On Floor After Spring Cleaning by MYDAYcontent.

Before You Shoot:

  • Firstly, please check what content already exists in the Pond5 marketplace
  • Also, think about a visual approach that will result in new and fresh footage
  • Lastly, remember that each shot must communicate a clear message

Submission Checklist:

  • Remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: SPRINGCLEANP5BRIEF
  • Also, please have all property and model releases filled out and submitted
  • Furthermore, no logos or brands may be visible in any of the clips
  • Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords to the clips

Top image: Spring Cleaning by dragon images.