Music Briefs: Explainer Video Themes, Percussive Stomp and Acid House

Music Briefs - WomanPlaying Electric Guitar

New month, new music briefs. This month we’re looking for Explainer Video Themes, Percussive Stomp and Acid House tracks.

Once you’ve completed your work, apply a unique code to each track – just add the code (provided in each brief) to your keyword tags when you upload. As a result, we’ll know which genre you’ve been focusing on.

Also, if you have any questions or comments about any of these music briefs, please email Pond5’s Director of Audio Collections, Mike Pace, at


Explainer Video Theme

A popular Pond5 search term is “explainer video.” In this case, many customers are looking for upbeat, techy, somewhat “corporate” aspirational tracks. Arpeggios and ascending chord progressions work well here.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: explainer video, how to video, tutorial, infographic, tech, techy, corporate, arpeggio


Percussive Stomp

All percussion, all the time! Get creative with drum patterns and come up with some booming, energizing crowd-pleasers. Buckets, bells, toms and kicks are all on the table!

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: percussion, stomp, drums, drumline, buckets, boom


Acid House

Where were you in 88? We’re looking for the sound that swept UK raves that summer…4/4, deep bass, liberal use of the Roland 303 and a general letting loose on the dance floor.

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: Acid House, EDM, UK, 303, rave


Don’t Forget:

Take advantage of the 50-keyword limit and add both broad and specific keywords. On the other hand, do not use recognizable band or artist names, please!

We also encourage you to submit separate :15 and :30 versions of these tracks for social-media use.

Moreover, please note you can apply tags to existing tracks in your portfolio.

Top image: Woman Playing Electric Guitar In Basement by blendimages.

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