Creative Brief: Heat Wave

Creative Brief: Heat Wave

Creative Brief – Special Keyword Code: HEATWAVEP5BRIEF

This month‘s Creative Brief brings you the theme Heat Wave. No matter where you live on Earth, we can all agree that it’s not fun to experience a heat wave. According to NASA, 19 of the hottest years on record have occurred since 2000, and show no signs of slowing down. It’s so hot that a reported 10% of all global energy use is for Air Conditioning! Higher temperatures lead to rolling blackouts, increased risk of wildfires, and more vulnerable members of the population falling ill. Ice cream also melts really, really quickly. This topic will be one for years to come, and is worth highlighting for all types of customers.


Creative Brief – Shot List Thought Starters:

  • Telephoto shots of “wavy” heat lines from the heat refraction in various settings
  • Miserable people inside homes, stores, restaurants, gyms, etc, trying to cool off
  • Crowded beaches, pools, and other public spaces with water
  • Empty or dramatically low lakes, ponds, or other natural reservoirs
  • Parched, arid, and dry and cracked soil in non-desert landscapes, dying/dead trees
  • Atypically and abnormally hot locations experiencing heat waves (e.g. above the arctic circle)
  • Outdoor workers and other vulnerable people experiencing extreme heat (only safely)
  • Animals and other wildlife affected by extreme heat


Suggested Keywords: heatwave, temperature, extreme heat, drought, melting, global warming, climate change, outside, dry, wildfire, overheated

Typical Users: news & media organizations, ad agencies, lifestyle brands, documentary filmmakers, government organizations


City Traffic In Sweltering Scorching Heatwave In Toronto Canada by Stock131.


Pro-Tip: Remember to stay safe and healthy when making this content, and bring along plenty of water and sun protection if you plan on being outside. Don’t shoot with more people than what your government or public health agencies recommend. Do your best to cast real-looking talent with real skills to get authentic content. Be conscious of logos and other intellectual property as well.
Also, please be conscious of logos and other intellectual property as well.

Casting Considerations: Race, age, and gender diversity, authenticity with talent and imagery. Accept the challenge to remove artificiality from your setup. In other words, keep it REAL. These considerations will play an important role in the success of your shoot.

Location Diversity: Homes, apartments, parks, restaurants, gyms, commercial buildings, tech offices, bars, schools

Woman Suffering From Heat During The Heatwave by stokkete.

Before You Shoot:

  • Firstly, please check existing content in the Pond5 marketplace
  • Secondly, think about a visual approach that will result in new and fresh footage
  • Lastly, remember that each shot must communicate a clear message

Submission Checklist:

  • Remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: HEATWAVEP5BRIEF
  • Also, don‘t forget to submit all completed property and model releases
  • No logos or brands may be visible in any of the clips
  • Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords to the clips

Top image: Weather Photos – Heat Wave by lucidwaters.