Creative Brief: Modern Homesteading

Creative Brief: Modern Homesteading

Creative Brief – Special Keyword Code: HOMESTEADP5BRIEF

This month‘s Creative Brief brings you the theme Modern Homesteading. While it may conjure up images of log cabins and drab clothing, homesteading is becoming more popular than ever in the modern age. There’s never been a better time for people to hunker down and create a home for themselves, in fact. Whether it’s getting fresh eggs from backyard chickens, splitting wood for an indoor stove, or harvesting veggies from the garden, it’s all a part of a self-sufficient, solid homestead, and something that would be great to capture for buyers.


Creative Brief – Shot List Thought Starters:

  • People in modern settings preserving food, chopping wood, planting/growing veggies etc.
  • Lifestyle shots of families and friends homesteading together on a property
  • Overhead shots of homesteaders working in the yard
  • Timelapses of fermenting/preserving food and drinks
  • Moving shots (gimbal, dolly, jib, etc.) of people foraging for food in nature
  • Modern, non-industrial animal husbandry occupations–milking, shearing, butchering, etc.
  • Macro and detail shots of all of the above
  • Homesteaders using modern equipment and technology while in non-industrial settings, including windmills, solar panels, and other renewable sources


Suggested Keywords: omesteading, self sufficiency, subsistence agriculture, foraging, preserving, preservation, permaculture, fermenting, gardening, independence

Typical Users: news & media organizations, ad agencies, lifestyle brands, documentary filmmakers, government organizations


Painter Girl Paint Rural Homestead Wooden Wall With Brush In Red by mr_sunny.


Pro-Tip: Remember to stay safe and healthy when making this content, and bring along plenty of water and sun protection if you plan on being outside. Don’t shoot with more people than what your government or public health agencies recommend. Do your best to cast real-looking talent with real skills to get authentic content. Be conscious of logos and other intellectual property as well.

Casting Considerations: Race, age, and gender diversity, authenticity with talent and imagery. Accept the challenge to remove artificiality from your setup. In other words, keep it REAL. These considerations will play an important role in the success of your shoot.

Location Diversity: Homes, apartments, backyards, community gardens, small farms, neighborhoods, condos (if possible)

Close Up: Adorable Baby Chickens On Backyard Following Mother’s Steps by Airstock.

Before You Shoot:

  • Firstly, please check existing content in the Pond5 marketplace
  • Secondly, think about a visual approach that will result in new and fresh footage
  • Lastly, remember that each shot must communicate a clear message

Submission Checklist:

  • Remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: HOMESTEADP5BRIEF
  • Also, don‘t forget to submit all completed property and model releases
  • No logos or brands may be visible in any of the clips
  • Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords to the clips

Top image: Mature Woman Gardener Pushing Wheelbarrow At Homestead by JackF.