Music Briefs: 1980s Heavy Metal, Sunburst Drone and Original Lullabies

Music Briefs - Guitar Player

New month, new music briefs. This month we’re looking for 1980s Heavy Metal, Sunburst Drone and Original Lullabies..

Find the unique code provided in each genre brief, and simply add it to keyword tags when uploading your new project. That way, we’ll know which genre you’ve been focusing on.

Moreover, you have any questions or comments about any of these music briefs, please email Pond5’s Director of Audio Collections, Mike Pace, at


1980s Heavy Metal

We’re looking for well-produced rippin’ and ragin’ 80s style melodic heavy metal. Load up on squeals and divebombs and feel free to throw some high-pitched screams in there as well!

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: Heavy metal, hair metal, pop metal


Sunburst Drone

Shimmering synths bathing the listener in a cascade of light. It’s the sound of the day’s “golden hour.”

  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: Sunburst, drone, ambient, light


Original Lullabies

We’d love to hear original lullaby compositions, ideal for soothing anyone to sleep.


  • SUGGESTED KEYWORDS: Lullaby, sleep, rest, nap, children, music box, glockenspiel


Don’t Forget:

  • Take advantage of the 50-keyword limit and add both broad and specific keywords. On the other hand, do not use recognizable band or artist names, please!
  • We also encourage you to submit separate :15 and :30 versions of these tracks for social-media use.
  • Moreover, please note you can apply tags to existing tracks in your portfolio.

Top image: Child Rock Guitar Player And Singer by mandygodbehear.

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