Shoot Briefs: 2022, The Year of Election

Creative Brief – Special Keyword Code: USElections2022

Various countries are preparing to hold elections this year, from South Korea to France, Australia to the U.S. midterms, and more. In the face of change, we can be confident of three things: shifts in the global political landscape, political campaigners looking for media, and news organizations seeking editorial footage.


PRO TIP: Update Your Existing After Effects and Graphics

Have you uploaded election-related special effects before, such as lower thirds After Effects, national flag animations, intros, etc.? If so, just re-export and re-upload your work with the current year, updating the description and keywords!

Typing Motivational Announcement Vote In 2022 On A Vintage Typewriter Close-Up by labutstudio.


Submission Thought Starters

There is tremendous demand for VIDEO, STILL PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC, ILLUSTRATION and SFX in this category.


Editorial Footage & Photos

  • Politicians delivering speeches and leading public demonstrations
  • Voters waiting in front of polling stations
  • Politicians on the campaign trail
  • Supporters holding signs for political candidates and key issues
  • Protesters against key political issues
  • Influential personalities speaking out on political & social issues
  • Major political events in history, including speeches, the election process, parades, events, protests, etc.
  • Key politicians from your own country’s history

IMPORTANT NOTE: Buyers will search for footage from their locality so be sure to provide the proper date and location.

  • Suggested format: CITY, COUNTRY (STATE) – YEAR/MONTH/DAY: Factual description of the image content.
  • Example: New York, USA – 2024, Nov 5: Presidential Election, People Holding Ballots.


4K: Young Black Female Voter Voting At The Usa Election With Face Mask by purplevideos.


Commercial Footage, After Effects, Illustrations, and Photos

  • Various animations (national flags, lower thirds, intros, logo animations, transitions.)
  • Establishing shots (aerial views, skyline, cityscapes, etc.)
  • Depictions of the critical issues discussed in your local politics (healthcare, economy, immigration, ecology, DEI, etc.)
  • All touchpoints of the Electoral process. Think close-ups of ballots, commercially cleared shots of protesting crowds, etc.
  • Proud supporters wearing merchandise for their favorite candidate (badges, hats, t-shirts, badges, etc.)
  • Illustrations relating to the list of keywords above.



  • Crowd reactions including cheering in a stadium, clapping, booing, etc.
  • Check out our Music Briefs dedicated to Politics!


Keyword Ideas

Top-quality metadata helps buyers find your work, so copy some keywords from this handy list when uploading your new content or updating existing items. Less is more, so use only the most relevant words or phrases!

Politic, democracy, citizen, economic, economy, freedom, speech, protest, vote, government, national, ballot, voting, president, Washington, patriotism, campaign, candidate, democrat, republican, civil, register, capitol, flag, national, collusion, elect, impeach

Find more inspiration on how to choose and add keywords here.


Trending Hashtags

Get inspired by social media’s most popular hashtags. The following are trending Instagram hashtags for the US Midterms:

#midterms #vote #election #midtermelections #usa #politics #election2022 #bluewave #electionday #ivoted #midterms2022 #voting #elections #democracy #democrat #democrats #rockthevote #votingmatters #govote #republican #getoutthevote #yourvotecounts #voterregistration #washingtondc #votethemout #congress #american

Keep an eye out for any local keywords associated with your shoot locations. For example, if you’re about to upload a shot of people registering to vote in Arizona, look at the hashtags used by politicians in Arizona and add them to the keywords. Don’t forget to add USElections2022!

However, this process works for every country so if you plan to shoot a set depicting the presidential election in France, get inspired by the Twitter and Instagram trending hashtags.


Production Checklist


  • Safety is extremely important when capturing footage in crowded, chaotic, and sometimes violent circumstances.
  • Make sure to assess the situation, ensuring that you can film safely as events unfold.
  • If using your mobile phone, position it horizontally so that customers have maximum flexibility when using the image or footage.


Submission Checklist:


  • Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: USElections2022
  • Relevant keywords are extremely important to include as well.
  • Make sure you have your property release and model release forms attached to videos you intend to list as suitable for commercial use on the Marketplace. Also check that commercially cleared images and footage don’t contain any 3rd party IP, such as distinctive logos, designs, etc.