Artist Opportunity: Graphics Templates

Pssst, visual artist! Buyers love our Graphics Templates. Using your customizable graphics templates elevates their content and saves time and effort. Heroic much? This year, events like the midterm elections and the Commonwealth esports championships will drive up demand—here’s how to meet it.


1. Logo Reveal

A logo reveal helps introduce a brand by applying preset effects to the logo. They appear at the beginning or end of a sequence, most often on Youtube and Twitch. Think simple glow effects, shape animations, and beyond!

Clean Shape Logo Reveal by Niomich.


2. Openers and Intros

Buyers know to go big or go home! Openers, or intro sequences, consistently rank in our top 20 searched keywords, making this a rich opportunity. These sequences should capture attention from the get-go, so the bolder, the better.

American Visuals National Flag Opener by johnnybd.


3. Lower Thirds

The lower third is a graphic overlay placed at the bottom of the screen—think sports score counts, Twitch streams, and breaking headlines in news segments. These visual devices are guaranteed to come in handy before Midterms Elections and upcoming political events worldwide!

Unique Lower Third Titles by creative9.


4. Transitions

Transitions make the content by impacting pace, style, and narrative. Provide the power of professionalism with customizable professional transitions.

Lens Zoom Effect Transitions After Effects Template by theCandyMustache.


5. Text Effects / Kinetic Typography

These Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, or After Effects files provide editable text with unique styling like shadows, glows, or neon illusions. Upload yours, and voila! Now everyone can have a crafted title.

Kinetic Typography by AiRmediaStudio.


6. Slideshows

AE templates have replaced static presentations with dynamic art pieces, and buyers want more! Curate and combine footage, images, titles, and transitions to help execute and elevate their projects.

Dynamic Opener by khaledtom.


7. Social Media Templates

In-app font and filter options? Nope! Buyers want new ways to stand out on social media. Create eye-catching designs for a plethora of platforms (like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook) and yourself. These are great for promoting your content within the Pond5 Referral Program.

Instagram Stories by smth686.


8. Mockups

Mock-ups show designs as if they were in a realistic environment, such as on a phone or computer screen. Artists provide full-size images or clips of display devices and, using compositing programs like Photoshop or After Effects, include light layers for slick, realistic appeal. The buyer uses this file to place their work ‘on’ the screen.

App Promo by BlackRoar.


Ready to Plug-and-Play?

If you’re new to customizable graphic templates, we hope this brief overview has inspired you to upload your first project. For the experienced, we hope we’ve helped unpack further creative options. Remember: there is increased demand across categories, from lifestyle to trending politics templates!

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