Creative Brief: Retro Home Videos of Summer

Special Keyword Code: RETROSUMMERP5BRIEF

Summer inspires sweet nostalgia for simpler times in the sun. Retro and home-video-style footage is in demand, so dig through your basement and attic boxes for those old 8 MM films and VHS recordings from family beach days, garden barbecues, or any random Tuesday.


Archival Vetting Process

We accept archival/vintage content when a contributor provides proof of copyright ownership for their whole portfolio. Please fill out this form to prove that you are the copyright owner of your archival content. Our curation team will review all submissions, and approval is not guaranteed.

Remember to Tag Your Submissions

The ideal format for archival footage description is as follows: CITY, COUNTRY (STATE) – YEAR/MONTH/DAY: Factual description of the image content. Aim to get it as close to this as possible. When you tag footage and photos properly, you assure potential buyers of authenticity, making them more likely to buy your items!

  • Example: Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England‎, United Kingdom – 1985, August 15 – People visiting Stonehenge.


Kids Dancing / Summer Fun, Australia (1970S) by FOOTAGESELECT.

Submission List Thought Starters


  • Vintage home videos of your family enjoying a beach day, strolling in a sunny park, spending an afternoon at a lake or in the backyard, etc.
  • Retro establishing shots of vacation locations–camps, hotels, lakes, etc.
  • Vintage food shots – think buffet breakfasts at hotel restaurants, family picnics, moms packing road trip snacks, BBQs in your garden, etc.
  • Archival footage of typical summer activities – whether sunbathing, surfing, drying laundry under the sun, beach volleyball, putting on sun cream, or sipping cocktails in sunnies and swimwear, our buyers want it all!
  • Archival footage cleared for commercial use – can you secure an adequately filled model release from recognizable people?

Pro-Tip: You must be the rightful copyright owner of all footage you submit. If you purchased the content, please prepare the proper releases from the copyright owner of the clips/images.

Aunt Gives Hugs To Kids In Driveway-1962 Vintage 8Mm Film by Happyrojo.
Suggested Keywords: archival, retro, vintage, home video, summer

Typical UsersAd agencies, social media companies, lifestyle brands, documentary filmmakers

Location Diversity: Private spaces like homes, apartments, backyards, and hotel rooms. Public civic areas such as beaches, parks, etc. Commercial buildings, including cafés, restaurants, etc.


Submission Checklist

  • Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: RETROSUMMERP5BRIEF
  • Submit all completed property and model releases
  • Add all applicable conceptual keywords to the clips

Top Image: 1970S Crowd People Waikiki On At Beach Hawaii Vintage Film Retro Old Home Movie by DogPhonics.