Buyer Requests: Summer Audio

Most Wanted in July

Like the temperature outside, the demand for summer music tracks is rising. Our buyers are looking for inspired soundtracks for sun-drenched days and balmy nights! Audio artists, this one has your name written all over it.

Summer Music

Summer Music

This season abounds with varied sounds. Some capture the essence of walks along the beach; others distill the raw adventure of camping, and others bring big music festival energy. Produce for different genres to maximize your sales!

Submission Ideas

  • Summer Pop – Summer anthems are like popsicles: we can’t get enough of them. These catchiest of upbeat songs get everyone singing along—think Despacito, Gangnam Style, In My Feelings, or Old Town Road.
    Tropical Latin Hit: Despacito In My Mojito
  • Campfire stories – Campfire stories and legends thrill and delight every summer without fail. Create backing tracks to ramp up the effect! Think squeaky guitar or violin, earthy drums, ghostly whistles, etc.
    Stories Around the Campfire – Background Music
  • Chill-out – In the early 2000s, Café Del Mar DJs drew on jazz, classical, Hispanic, and New Age sources for ambient house mixes. This music, characterized by slow tempos and a relaxed mood, has become wildly popular since.
    Deep Bliss – Chill Out Ambient Abstract Cool Dreamy Relaxing
  • EDM Bangers -Summer is the festival season. Channel Glastonbury or Tomorrowland and hype up your music collection with bangers from any EDM genre, whether techno, house, or psytrance.
    Boundless Energies EDM Festival Psytrance
  • Samba – In the early 20th century, this Brazilian music genre was born in the Afro-Brazilian communities of Rio de Janeiro. Its trademark rhythm is now one of the country’s most iconic symbols.
    Sunshine (Latin Samba Instrumental)

Suggested Keywords

Tropical, summer vibe, Caribbean music, microgenre, uplifting, cheerful, happy, upbeat, energetic, song of the summer, bubble gum pop, summer pop, …

Target Group

YouTubers, Influencers, Corporate clients, nonprofit organizations, ad agencies, etc.

Summer SFX

Summer SFX

Music festivals, beach time, water sports, road trips, and many more—Summer activities know no bounds. Grab whatever you want, unleash that imagination, and start crafting those sound effects!

Submission Ideas

  • Crowd ambiance at concerts, music festivals, sporting events, beaches, etc.
  • Significant people sound effects, like applause, people cheering, group singing, etc.
  • Drink accents include cocktails, clinking glasses, ice, fizzy drinks, can/bottle opening, etc.
  • Nightlife background noises, i.e. people talking to each other, music heard from inside establishments, etc.
  • Vehicles on a road trip, think car engines, airplanes and the airplaine ding, punctured tires, honking, traffic jams, windows opening, etc.
  • Camping trademarks like cracking bonfires, insects, tent zips, etc.
  • On the beach, including walking in the sand, waves crashing, seagulls, summer breeze, boat horn, surfing, bubbles, etc.
  • The grill and everything it entails. Think cool sounds for a hot day in the backyard, like burgers and corn on the grill, drinks from an ice box, dogs playing, pool splashes, etc.

Keyword Ideas

Summer, summer festival, music festival, cheering, applause, uplifting, leisure, free time, background, noise, and any relevant keyword to the sound effects. For more information on conceptual thinking, check out our keywords guide.

Target Group

Ad organization, podcast studios, radios, corporate clients, nonprofit organizations, etc.


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New Music and SFX Subscriptions—Launching June 7, 2022

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new subscriptions! Beginning June 7th, customers will be able to choose from the following Subscription packages:

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All subscriptions will offer ten downloads per month with monthly or annual commitments. We will automatically include all music tracks and sound effects in the marketplace—both preexisting and new uploads—in our subscriptions.

Customers will continue to have the option of licensing tracks a la carte, which we expect most to do, but subscriptions allow us to compete for those customers with frequent licensing needs (such as YouTube creators, social media marketers, and advertising agencies). Pond5 Artists can now earn through traditional marketplace sales, our Refer & Earn program, and Pond5 subscriptions. We are very confident that subscriptions will significantly increase licensing activity in our marketplace and increase artist earnings.

Additionally, Artists can earn referral bonuses on Subscriptions. By referring a new buyer to Pond5 an artist can earn a 20% commission on any Subscription plan they purchase while also giving the buyer a 20% discount. See our Refer & Earn program for more details.

All Artist royalty rates and the Contributor Agreement will remain unchanged. A new section, Subscription Downloads, has been added to the Dashboard where Artists can see which items have been downloaded through Subscriptions. Additionally, monthly Subscription commissions will now appear in the My Financials section of the Dashboard together with a la carte Marketplace earnings and Referral Earnings, which will all be paid out on the 15th of each month.

Subscription payouts are based on the price paid for each item downloaded through a subscription. A commission rate is then applied depending on the media type to calculate the artist’s final payout for the item.

These new subscriptions are essential to Pond5’s future – we can now compete far more effectively for customers with recurring licensing needs. By acquiring these customers and consolidating their licensing activity within our marketplace, we can increase earnings for our artist community.