Pro Tip: Using TikTok For Your Promotion

Dancing trends, food recipes and life hacks are just a few topics TikTok cover. Let’s face the truth – TikTok is no longer a procrastination app. We can’t underestimate its power among other social media. TikTok reached one billion users at the end of 2021 and is expected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2022! Moreover, 32% of users are aged between 25-34. That brings an important question – should I build my brand on TikTok and how to do that? Here’s what you can do.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network for creating and sharing short videos with a length of 3 seconds to 3 minutes long on the topic of dancing, karaoke, food, life hacks, fashion, funny sketches, and much more. In 2018, TikTok became the most successful application in the US and, in addition to English and Chinese, is now also available in more than 75 other languages. Their competitors are well-aware of its popularity – if you think of it, Instagram Reels are videos that are a direct copy of TikTok.

TikTok is a great platform for sharing your content, whether you are a videographer, photographer, illustrator or a music artist! We even use TikTok too!



What To Post?

TikTok is intuitive and the whole process of creating videos is very simple. You can create a new video in the app or upload an existing clip from your gallery. You can then filter the created videos, adjust the speed, compile them with other frames or videos, and of course, you can also insert a musical underline. Additionally, you can transform the voice, add visual effects and various moving or static stickers. Since you‘re already a stock media creator and Pond5 Artist, there’s nothing easier than posting a selection of your best clips on TikTok, captioning it with catchy hashtags using the Tiktok Creative Center, attaching a popular song that is trending right now, and adding your referral link there!

Here are some ideas on what to post:

  • Your clipped and edited footage with background music on TikTok
  • Behind the scenes shots from the set
  • A voiceover of how did you edit that clip or photo (using editing programs + the result)
  • Speedart of an illustration you’ve just uploaded on Pond5
  • The production process of a song you’ve made
  • Tips and Tricks on how to succeed as an artist
  • Trending challenges on TikTok and its For You Page


How Often Should you Post on TikTok?

TikTok is a dynamic social media platform. For the best results, you need to find the right time to post to TikTok – when your audience is most likely to be scrolling, so you need to understand where your target group (the potential buyers) are located and in which time zone are they based to land on their algorithm. Make sure to actually use your TikTok account as well by interacting with other creators, follow, like and comment on their videos.

TikTok recommends posting 1- 4 videos/day. Consistency is more important than frequency. If you’re only able to post a video once or twice a week, create a plan and stick with it. You’re about to build a community and brand from zero so it takes time. Never look for shortcuts – buying followers, likes or views may actually harm your progress!


Get Viral and Refer To Your Content

TikTok is interesting in its viralness. You can actually become famous overnight so make sure you have a consistent profile with a matched profile photo and username with Pond5, Instagram and other social media, and make sure to add your personal referral link to your BIO so you can earn more! If you want to know more about consistency and building your brand, check out this guide.

That’s pretty much it! As an Artist, you have a great opportunity to make TikTok a platform that offers real value of real art. Become a TikTok Artist, promote your work to thousands of people and get more exposure to your work! Make sure to follow us @pond5_official and tag us in your posts. We would love to feature you on our official account!