Creative Brief: Let’s Get Spooky

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Chilly nights, changing leaves and long sleeves are approaching! We’re looking forward to embracing fall with blankets, smores, and scary stories around the bonfire. However, our buyers are already looking for Halloween campaign content!

While demand is centred around Footage and Music, this is a callout for all Pond5 Artists! Get inspired by our spooky creative brief centred around Halloween themes. Here’s what to submit:


Footage and Photos

Footage and Photos are close enough to each other to have a shot list that is similar. Our buyers are looking for authentic footage and photos cleared for commercial use, that are going to be used in online and offline campaigns, social media, as well as illustration photos on blogs. Avoid stocky-looking content and get creative with your staged content.


Shot List Thought Starters

  • Real horror scenes – screaming people, scarecrows, scary old buildings, forests, etc.
  • Costumes cleared for commercial use – our buyers want to see real horror costumes and cosplays – please be aware of 3rd party intellectual property as such clips may be marked as editorial
  • Your take on Halloween – origin pagan take of Halloween – Samhain. Halloween traditions around the world such as Dia de Los Muertos, Samhain, or Kawasaki Halloween parade. If you know anyone who’s left the “commercial” aspect of Halloween to pay respect to the original tradition, we’d love to see that!
  • Witches – rituals, using spellbooks, sorcery, potions, setting up an altar, using tools such as pendulum, bells, crystals, candles, smokers, stones, herbs and blossoms, etc.
  • Mythical creatures – elves, vampires, ghosts, werewolf, bats, goblins, boogeyman, skeletons, demons, dragons, etc.

Pro Tip: Consider shooting the same scene both during daytime and nighttime.

Evil Clown In Dark Scary Halloween Horror Scene, Frightening With Balloon by Imagine_Media.


Halloween Music and Sound Effects:

Here’s a huge opportunity for our Audio Artists as well – we’re recording an increased demand for Halloween-themed music and sound effects.

Submission ideas – Music

  • Goth rock, Halloween Punk and similar microgenres
  • Eerie EDM subgenres, such as witch house, dark psytrance, darkcore jungle, etc.
  • Horror movie cinematic genres – suspenseful music
  • Dark ambient music

Submission ideas – SFX

  • Spooky weather: Think of thunder, stormy wind, heavy rain
  • Mystical creatures: Werewolf howl, ghost sounds, evil laugh, skeleton bones sound
  • Horror sound effects: machete swoosh, torn cloth, squeaky door opening, footsteps, scratching, … etc.
  • Animals: Crows, howls, bats, hissing
  • People sounds: screaming, fearful breathing, etc.


Halloween After Effects

After Effects are a very important media type on Pond5 during Halloween time. People are looking for lower thirds, transitions, slideshows and alpha mate/alpha channel elements with a transparent background that is layered over the footage.

Submission Ideas

  • Change your graphics to 2022 – replace your existing submissions on Pond5 with an updated 2022 one.
  • Motion graphics – experiment with classic shots of bats flying at the camera, skeletons, cemeteries, witches, etc. Backgrounds and loops will be high in demand as well.
  • Lower thirds – use Halloween themes and fonts
  • Transitions for video editing software – flying bats and witches, tore screen, etc.
  • Halloween social media templates – graphics for Social Media stories, YouTube ending screen, Twitch overlays, etc.
  • Green screen clips – bats, witches, cemetery, skeletons, ghosts, zombies, skulls etc.


Halloween Illustration

On Halloween, illustration and 3D model artists will not be forgotten! Illustration is easy to follow – blog posts, YouTube thumbnails, static social media graphics, overlay templates for YouTube, Twitch and Facebook broadcasts, profile picture frames, social media stickers, halloween party invitation templates, and much more!

Submission Ideas

  • Isolated Halloween traditional themes – zombies, ghosts, vampires, etc.
  • Halloween icons – pumpkins, cauldrons, brooms, candy corn etc.
  • Profile picture frames in rectangle / circle shape
  • Halloween party invitation templates – emails, flyers, posters, etc.


Halloween 3D Models

3D Artists won’t be left behind as well! Our buyers are looking for 3D models of skulls, bats, brooms, spiders, and other typical Halloween elements. This artwork will find its use as a foundation for other works of digital artists.

Submission Ideas

  • Human body parts – Skulls, bone, brain, etc. think of cut fingers and other eerie modifications
  • Halloween creatures from vampires to mummies. Think of werewolves, full moon, zombies, ghosts, etc.
  • Eerie tools – knives, axes, shovels, etc.
  • Typical Haloween themes – tombstones, brooms, etc.


Keyword Ideas

Halloween, Samhain, zombies, ghost, mummy, vampire, werewolf, full moon, blood, eerie, scary, spooky, horror, gore, any keyword relevant to the music genre of the music etc.


Target audience

All kinds of customers – especially ad agencies, corporate clients, digital artists, etc.


Submission checklist

  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration
  • Try to stand out and create something that pops out among the other search results
  • Make sure your submission falls under commercial use.

Top Image: Scary Halloween Background With Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins At Night by ComebackImages.