Buyer Requests: US Politics, All Saints Day Around the World, Remembrance Day

Most Wanted in October

As we welcome cooler autumn days, crunch across the falling leaves, and choose our Halloween costumes, content creators worldwide plan their projects for the months ahead. Buyers are searching for footage of US Politics to support the Midterm elections, All Saints Day Around the World, and Remembrance Day.

US Politics

US Politics


LAST CALL! Midterm elections are November 8 and buyers wrapping up their political projects are increasing the overall demand for political content. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to submit content for the 2022 Elections. Check out our extensive Creative Brief for more information.

Shot List Thought Starters

  • Politicians delivering speeches and leading public demonstrations
  • Voters in front of polling stations
  • Politicians on the campaign trail
  • Supporters holding signs for political candidates and key issues
  • Protesters and demonstrations against key political issues
  • Influential personalities speaking out on political and social issues
  • Major political events in history, including speeches, the election process, parades, events, protests, etc.
  • Key politicians from your own country’s history
  • Various animations (national flags, lower thirds, intros, logo animations, transitions.)
  • Establishing shots (aerial views, skyline, cityscapes, etc.)
  • Depictions of the critical issues discussed in your local politics (healthcare, economy, immigration, climate, ecology, DEI, etc.)
  • All touchpoints of the Electoral and voting process: Close-ups of ballots, commercially cleared shots of protesting crowds, etc.
  • Proud supporters wearing merchandise for their favorite candidate (badges, hats, t-shirts, badges, etc.)

Suggested Keywords

Politic, democracy, citizen, speech, protest, vote, government, national, ballot, voting, patriotism, campaign, candidate, democrat, republican, civil, register, flag, national, collusion, elect, midterms, election

Target Group

All groups, but specifically ad agencies, corporate clients, non-profit organizations, TV production companies, etc.


Choosing proper metadata is crucial for our search algorithm. Don’t forget to add relevant keywords to your existing submission and never stuff your metadata with irrelevant keywords. Not sure how to do that? Check out our guide.

All Saints Day Around the World

All Saints Day Around the World


Around the turn of October and November, we witness various cultural traditions and holidays across the world that are celebrated to honor the memory of the dead, whether it is Dia de Muertos, traditional Samhain in Ireland and Scotland, Ognissanti in Italy, or Barriletes Gigantes in Guatemala.

Shot List Thought Starters

  • Shots of locals in different countries celebrating All Saints’ Day
  • Close-ups of delicious traditional food that is being served
  • Portraits of people in traditional costumes, wearing flower crowns, painted faces,…
  • Editorial footage from the parades, public events, etc.
  • Authentic family gatherings and private celebrations at home (altars, marigolds, etc)

Suggested Keywords

Halloween, Alll Saints’ Day, Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, Ognissanti, Barriletes Gigantes

Target Group

All groups, but specifically ad agencies, corporate clients, non-profit organizations, TV production companies, etc.

Remembrance Day / Veteran Day

Remembrance Day / Veteran Day


Remembrance Day, also as known as Poppy Day, is a military memorial day observed in Commonwealth member states to honour armed forces members who have died in the line of duty in WWI. During the Second World War, many countries changed the name of the holiday. Member states of the Commonwealth of Nations adopted Remembrance Day, while the US chose Veterans Day. Our buyers are looking for both editorial and commercial footage – from events associated with Remembrance Day / Veteran Day to lifestyle footage of people on duty.

Shot List Thought Starters

  • Editorial footage of people paying their respect to fallen soldiers at special events and memorials. (Remember to consider those who do not wish to be on camera.)
  • Portraits of soldiers wearing uniforms
  • Footage documenting the events, and gatherings during the Remembrance Day/Veterans Day
  • Conceptual shots of memorials, veteran cemeteries, etc.
  • People buying poppies or other signature items to support veteran communities
  • Commercially cleared footage and photos of people wearing poppies
  • Politicians and their public speeches
  • Crowds listening to a public speech

Suggested Keywords

Remembrance Day, Poppy Day, Veteran Day, Soldiers, Duty, War, WWI, WWII, World War, Army, Armed Forces, Military, etc.

Target Group

All groups, but specifically news, TV, etc.

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Creative Brief: World Cup Countdown!

Special Keyword Code: P5WorldCup2022

The World Cup is coming up. Just seconds before the whistle blows, it’s time for a soccer shoot-out! Buyers want footage, tracks, and SFX around the beautiful game—from fancy footwork and fan culture to distinctive match locations. Don’t miss your shot! Remember to keep in mind the local regulations of photography in Qatar during this time.


Visual Media Thought Starters

Footage, images, After Effects, and illustrations are all-star players in this stock squad. Remember that natural content with authentic models always wins. And avoid red cards—look out for 3rd party intellectual property if clearing for commercial use!


Football Lifestyle

  • Fans at the pub – drinking beer and watching a match that’s been cleared for commercial use.
  • Friends or family around the TV — either watching a game, celebrating victory, or mourning defeat.
  • Individuals watching matches on mobile screens – in public transport, at work, in bed, or in cars.
  • Kids playing soccer – with friends or family in Qatar.
  • Friends playing pickup soccer – on an urban street, alley, residential street, driveway, or in a public park or field in Qatar.
  • Commercial Footage of fans traveling to Qatar by trains, planes, buses, and local city transport.
  • Commercially cleared media of fans preparing food for match get-togethers.
  • Fans creating banners or signs to support their team. Fans wearing jerseys or having their face painted their country’s colors.


Man Embracing With Multiracial Fans During Soccer Game by verticalstock.


Professional Football

The goal is to mix up techniques—experiment with angles, frame sizes, and frame rates!

  • Close-ups of players preparing for the match. Slow-motion shots of putting on protectors, tying shoelaces, drinking water, etc.
  • The walkout to the pitch before a match.
  • Soccer players at practice playing a scrimmage or hitting goals, free kicks, etc.
  • POV from the player’s perspective as a goalkeeper, defense, offense, or other positions.
  • Typical football moves like a player heading the ball, goalkeeper blocking the shot, etc.
  • Shots of staff including referees, football officials, coaches, medics, etc. Reactions of coaches or other players when a goal occurs. Use special effects like slow-motion and POV.


Close Up Of A Male Soccer Player Running With A Soccer Ball On The Football by petrunine.


Archival Content

Do you have VHS tapes with soccer on them? Or old photographs? Connect your story to the past and enrich our collection with a touch of history. Archival footage and images are in high demand!

  • Historic moments in soccer such as game-changing goals, famous matches, extraordinary moves, etc.
  • Old tournaments — shots of the field, the match, fans cheering, flags waving, TV and newspaper advertising, fans dressed in national jerseys, etc.
  • Interviews and press conferences — Journalists interviewing staff, players, and fans.
  • Soccer legends — famous players or referees, footage and images of famous people playing the game.
  • Archival — fan zones from back in the day like stadiums, cities, and merchandise.
  • Digitalized VHS tapes of any kind – whether it’s you playing soccer in the yard as a kid, school teams, or professional players heading the ball, submit what you got!

File: Football/Soccer: Profile: Former Manchester United And England Star by Reuters.

Content on Location

  • Qatar World Cup Stadiums — aerials and establishing shots of these 8 venues, and their surrounding cities, taken during the day and at night. Tip: catch all the preparations, entrances, and corridors before and during the tournament.
    • Lusail – Lusail Stadium
    • Al Khor – Al Bayt Stadium
    • Al Wakrah – Al Janoub Stadium
    • Al Rayyan – Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
    • Doha – Khalifa International Stadium, Education City Stadium, Stadium 974, Al Thumama Stadium
  • Qatar culture — timelapses, aerials and establishing shots of Qatar and its residents at different times of day.
  • Training grounds for football players—training, lighting, empty stadiums with players on the field, locker rooms, etc.
  • Fan zones in different cities and areas in Qatar
  • Local businesses getting ready for the World Cup—decorated shop interiors, branding and advertising on storefronts, bazaars, and souvenir shops selling themed goods.
  • Important tourist places such as hotels, airports, and train stations.


Doha, Qatar: Aerial View Of Lusail Football Stadium For Fifa World Cup 2022 by unicusx.


Also Consider

  • Change your graphics to 2022 — if you’ve previously uploaded anything that displays a year, make sure it’s updated for 2022.
  • Motion graphics — backgrounds and loops will be high in demand as well as transitions for editing software. Intros, openers, waving team flags, national flags, scoreboards, templates for the score tables.
  • Lower thirds — Get inspired by a match on TV and upload lower thirds with the Qatar World Cup color scheme.
  • Social media templates — create graphics for Social Media stories, profile picture frames, YouTube ending screens, Twitch overlays, etc. wallpaper backgrounds?
  • Isolated soccer themes — the ball, goals, whistles, red and yellow cards.
  • All-purpose marketing elements — soccer icons, email templates, signatures, flyers for local pubs etc.


Football Music and Sound Effects

Audio brings this theme to life! Complete the action with sound design, including thousands of cheering or booing fans, whistles, and ball kicks, or create a memorable atmosphere with festive anthemic music tracks.


If you intend to qualify your content for commercial use, these shots should never show logos or third-party intellectual property. Make sure you have a signed property release from the owner of a facility if it’s unique and distinctive enough and a signed model release (or a model release for a minor) from anyone who is recognizable in the shot or photo.


Keyword Ideas

World Cup, Soccer, Football, Championship, FIFA, UEFA, AFC, CAF, OFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, Qatar, Player, National Team, Training, National Flags, Doha, International, Schedule, Banner, Champion, Trophy, Competition, Success, Determination, Power, Endurance, Focus, Preparation, Precision, Agility, Achievement, Teamwork, Skill, Audience, Fans


Target audience

All kinds of customers – especially ad agencies, corporate clients, digital artists, etc.


Submission checklist

  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration.
  • Aim to stand out and create something new among the other search results
  • Make sure your submission falls under commercial use whenever it’s possible.

Top Image: Fans Celebrating At Football Match by ImageSource.