Shoot Brief: User Generated Content

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The trend and demand for realistic videos are increasing month to month. In addition to professionally created staged content, authentic footage straight from the user, also known as User Generated Content (UGC), attracts many buyers. UGC is a raw format mainly shared on social media by large and small companies where nothing is simulated. From vertical videos suitable for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or Tik Tok to the next viral hit, it’s time to get real!


Shot List Thought Starters


Social Media Trends

  • TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube viral trends – People doing their makeup, dancing, eating, going out etc. – UGC shots tend to be more casual and focus on people enjoying themselves.
  • The selfie culture – Whether it’s tagged as #nofilter or not, show us some portraits of you and your friends, and don’t be afraid to record the seconds of you setting the pose before you hit the shutter.
  • AR Filter shots – AR filters on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok rule the world! Have you tried them on your cat or dog?
  • The typical Youtuber— Submit a shot of people unboxing a product, PR packages, vlogging, pranks, makeup gurus, fitness instructors, reviews of products, etc.
  • Parody and memes – Make them laugh with parodies, internet memes, funny sketches, etc.


Happy Friends Dancing And Posing For Selfie At Party by AnnaStills.


Everyday Life

  • First-person perspective lifestyle shots – Imagine a vlogger capturing a trip from the first-person perspective or an influencer recording a cooking tutorial on TikTok. The goal is to get as authentic as possible. The visible selfie stick and ring light are definitely not a problem here!
  • Videos of your pets – Does your pet know a special trick? Has your pet done anything funny worth sharing? What does a stroll down the street look like? Show us!
  • Authentic home videos – Birthdays, holidays, vacations, sports games, school plays, gatherings, public events, etc.
  • Fails – Fail compilations tend to go viral on social media platforms. Upload anything that “went wrong”.
  • Vintage photos and videos – Bring out those old camcorders and show us your shaky digitalized VHS tapes!


VHS Shot Of Joyous Dad And Daughter Preparing For Halloween At Home by AnnaStills.


Breaking News

Newsworthy editorial content straight from the participants will always be in high demand!

Check the list of events below:

  • Protests – Have you witnessed any protests or community action? If you have shareable material that might be interesting for News organizations, submit your work with a proper editorial caption.
  • Natural disasters – From locals shooting an earthquake, tornados, and hurricanes to planned production of storm chasers, upload newsworthy weather packed videos.
  • Breaking events – Become a journalist and shoot anything extraordinary that happens near you.


Pov: Police Line Walks Next To Black Lives Matter Protesters In New York City by RawMediaNetwork.


Suggested Keywords

UGC, User Generated Content, Authentic, Selfie, Home video, Vine, TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, protest, community action, breaking news, natural disaster, floods, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, etc.


Target audience

All kinds of groups from corporate clients and ad companies to social media influencers.


Submission checklist

  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration.
  • Aim to stand out and create something new among the other search results
  • Make sure your submission falls under commercial use whenever it’s possible.

Top Image: Fans Celebrating At Football Match by ImageSource.

Music Briefs: Holiday Music & Sound Effects


The holiday season is approaching quickly, and buyers are looking for traditional and niche contemporary remixes that complement the holiday atmosphere. We’ve compiled a list of genres to focus on producing holiday music based on the requests from our buyer community.

Christmas and Holiday music isn’t only ‘Jingle Bells’ – think outside the box and get inspired by the following idea starters for your next music production. Don’t forget to use the special keyword HolidayAudio2022 so we can track down your submissions and promote your content!


Music Production Thought Starters

Christmas songs cover many styles, from choral and rock to country, pop, R&B, or jazz. Let the list below spark your imagination.

  • Christmas music in traditional genres – Children’s, Classical, Jazz, Modern, Religious, Rock, and Pop all fit this category. (Think of the vibe of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’). Try including typical winter SFX in your music, and experiment with different instruments, such as organs, jingle bells, etc.
  • Non-traditional remixes of Christmas songs – We have already received requests for Christmas music remixed or revamped into Asian instruments, synthwave, R&B, EDM, Hip Hop, etc.
  • Lounge music – The jazzy relaxing vibe you have in a hotel lounge or elevator.
  • The rock genres – Create Christmas Rock, Christian rock, and even metal versions using Christmas elements, chords and SFX.
  • Lullabies – Soft bedtime music for children is also in high demand.
  • Vocal tracks – From duos to choirs. People singing religious songs or holiday hymns are popular among buyers during the holiday season.


Think of other holidays

Christmas is not the only holiday that occurs towards the end of the calendar year. Experiment with Kwanzaa or Hanukkah to widen your list of genres. Here are some examples:

  • Kwanzaa music is as vibrant as the traditional colors used to celebrate this seven-day holiday from December 26 to January 1. Create tracks using classical African beats, instruments, and joyful grooves.


  • Hanukkah music includes many traditional songs associated with the festival of Lights. Jewish music encompasses a wide range of genres and styles. These include Yiddish songs, klezmer music, and Israeli music, as well as contemporary genres mixed with traditional Jewish instruments, such as the kinnor (lyre), nevel (harp), tof (tambourine), shofar (ram’s horn), trumpets, flutes, chalil, alamoth and the uggav.



Holiday Sound Effects

Let’s focus on holiday sound effects here! Sound effects are essential for movies, podcasts, and social media platforms. Buyers often seek them out a few months before the holidays.

  • Winter sound effects – What reminds you of winter? Winter breeze, ice cracking, snow falling, rain, footsteps in the snow, snowball fights, etc.
  • Traditional Holiday sounds – Bells, chimes, and jingle bells, decorating the Christmas tree, gift wrapping, Holiday prayers, a music box, dreidels spinning, etc.
  • Holiday voices – Diverse voices, different accents, and languages saying “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Hanukkah,” “Happy Kwanzaa,” or cheerful voice lines of children happy about their gifts, dreidel games, Santa Claus saying ho ho ho, etc.
  • Atmosphere sounds – Fireplace, Clinking of glasses and toasts, laughter, lighting a candle or menorah, preparing, cooking, and serving food, etc.


Keyword Ideas

Happy, positive, Christmas, holiday, Christmas music, music, winter, holidays, seasonal, bells, happiness, snow, Xmas, Santa, magical, festive, Kwanzaa, African, groovy, joyful, uplifting, ambient, jazz, lounge, carols, acapella, jingle bells, choir, choral, vocal, Christian rock, lullaby, Hanukkah, Chanukkah, Jewish, Yiddish, klezmer, Israeli, Hebrew, kinnor, chalil, alamoth, uggav, etc.


Target Groups

Corporate clients, non-profit organizations, artists, news organizations, influencers, ad companies, social media agencies, etc.


Summary Tips

  • Take advantage of the 50-keyword limit and add both broad and specific keywords. On the other hand, do not use recognizable band or artist names, please!
  • We also encourage you to submit separate :15 and :30 versions of these tracks for social-media use.
  • Moreover, please note you can apply tags to existing tracks in your portfolio.

Top image: Man Playing Guitar In Christmas Eve by StudioMAK.