The Future of AI for Shutterstock and Pond5

The landscape of creative opportunity is continuing to evolve, and technology is playing an even more instrumental role. AI is an exciting tool that has quickly become a big part of the discourse on creative production. Our parent company Shutterstock is leading the way by offering tools and experiences that will enable customers to instantly generate and download images based on the keywords they enter. Shutterstock is partnering with the premier AI companies in the world that are building responsibly sourced AI generative content models.

Shutterstock’s Datasets and AI-generated Content: Contributor FAQ provides context about these deals–which range from AI partnerships to other emerging technologies and platforms. Note that Pond5 content is not involved in all of the deals mentioned in the Shutterstock materials, nor is Pond5 content part of the new Shutterstock AI Image Generator. However, as innovation of this ground-breaking technology continues, we’re excited to see Pond5 play an even larger role. Please familiarize yourself with the materials so that you’re aware of the roles that Shutterstock and Pond5 anticipate playing in this space and understand the philosophy on compensation.

Thank you as always for being a valued part of our contributor community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at