Shoot Brief: Dramatic Nature Landscape Timelapses


Nature can create compelling scenes worth capturing, from the beauty of wild animals running on plains to the destructive power of a tornado or thunderstorm. All the while reminding us we are just another species sharing this beautiful floating rock called Earth.

The evergreen nature topic is one of the most highly searched topics on Pond5. People are always hungry for this content! This month, we’re looking specifically for timelapse shots of dramatic natural landscapes to help narrow this extensive category.

Let’s break down the technique and the theme before jumping into the shot list.


What Is Timelapse Videography

Timelapse photography and videography have advanced significantly since the invention of the camera. Today, it’s much simpler than ever to speed up real life with the help of built-in timelapse capabilities on our smartphones. But the core principles and tactics remain the same regardless of how the technologies advance and develop. To learn more about gear, setting up shots, insights into motion in timelapse, and how to shoot timelapse during the day and night, read our How to Shoot a Great Timelapse Video article.



What Is a Landscape?

A landscape is a piece of land, including its landforms and their interaction with other natural and artificial features. It’s made up of physical components, such as mountains and hills, and bodies of water, like rivers, lakes, ponds, and seas. Landscapes include the living parts of the land cover, such as native vegetation. Human components are also part of a landscape, such as various land uses like fields, buildings, and structures, and transient elements like lighting and weather.


Nature Shot List Thought Starters

  • Clouds changing while a storm forms.
  • Lighting bolts flashing in different places, such as above the forest, the ocean, cities, landscapes, etc.
  • Heavy rain approaching from the distance.
  • Stormy powerful waves on the open sea or crashing the seawall, cliffs, piers, etc., rough seas.
  • Misty fog in the forest, running over the mountains, etc.
  • Starry night, sunrise, and sunset timelapse shots.
  • The shoreline moving from high tide and low tide.



Suggested Keywords For Nature

Dramatic nature, dramatic landscape timelapse, changing weather, sunset, sunrise, stormy waves, stormy wind, misty fog, stormy sea, ocean, wild rivers etc, static timelapse nature.


Target Group

Nature, climate change, and changing weather are among the monthly top searches. Many clients request fresh content from ad agencies to non-profit organizations, influencers, bloggers, news organizations, etc.



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Top Image: Blurred Photo – Taking A Time-Lapse With A Smartphone Of A Sunset Over A Lake by ss404045.