Creative Briefs: Mine More Profit From the Industrial Footage


Industry runs the world’s economy. Therefore it isn’t surprising that industrial stock footage will always be in high demand by corporate clients. Our buyers look for fresh takes of industrial footage straight from the heart of the business to enhance their visual storytelling. So get inspired, prepare for your next production, and mine profit from Industrial Footage.

Think Green

Many industries plan to go green and look for footage of renewable energy sources such as wind turbines, hydroelectric power, solar panels, heat pumps, and other green energy. You can also submit themes around recycling, pollution, and other key topics related to renewable energy.

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Under Construction

From timelapses and hyperlapses to slow-motion shots of cranes and construction workers, our buyers are thirsty for fresh takes of natural-looking shots straight from the construction site.

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Trust the Process

Ever wonder how they make the product you just bought? There are TV shows dedicated to the topic! Take us behind the curtain with clips from the production line. But please ensure you have a properly signed property release from the owner – because you’ll be showing us intellectual property and 3rd party know-how.

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The Future of Production

Every single day, AI and robotics help us save time and resources. Show us the machines that help create and make things with an efficiency we would not be capable of otherwise.

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The Cargo Time!

Manufactured products are stored and shipped to shops and happy customers. Buyers are interested in footage of warehouses and the shipping process. Think of cargo ships, planes, trains, trucks, etc.

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The Hard-working People

Construction workers, miners, machine operators, factory workers, engineers, and many more dangerous professions are symbolized not only by safety helmets and vests but also by the hard work that defines the world we see today. Capture these folks in action!

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Traditional Energy Sources

Natural gas and fossil fuels are still the dominant way of supplying energy to the masses. Therefore this type of footage is still very much in demand. Submit clips centered around factories, oil rigs, mines, etc.

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 Submission Ideas

  • Renewable energy – establishing shots of wind turbines, hydroelectric facilities, solar panels, etc.
  • Timelapse and hyperlapse footage of construction sites
  • Machines in slow motion (robotic arms, cranes, oil rigs, etc.)
  • Proud workers in safety clothes cleared for commercial use
  • Products being manufactured on detailed shots, production lines cleared for commercial use
  • Establishing shots of factories, manufacturing facilities, oil rigs, mines, etc.
  • Cargo ships, planes, loaded trucks, trains, etc.

If you want more inspiration from our Artist community, look at our existing footage in this collection!


 Suitable Keywords:

Construction, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Factory, Worker, Power Industry, Oil Rig, Mining, Cargo Ship, Recycling, Pollution, Robot Manufacturing, Machine, industry timelapse, industrial robot, oil industry, industrial meeting, the industrial revolution, economy, engineering, coal, production line, industrial worker


 Target Group

All groups, especially corporations, marketing agencies, video producers, advertising, but also politics as Industry is one of the key topics to discuss.



  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration.
  • Stand out and create something that pops out among the other search results.
  • Ensure your submission falls under commercial use by submitting the appropriate release forms when necessary.