Creative Briefs: The World of Science


Since the birth of humanity, our natural curiosity has compelled us to investigate and solve the mysteries of the natural world. For thousands of years, various cultures and their greatest minds have significantly contributed their innovations to our lives. Science has fundamentally changed how we live, enabling us to address complex problems from space exploration to understanding medicine – in the end, because of science, we can raise the standard of living. Switch the lens and dive into the world of science, this month’s creative brief theme.


Shot List Thought Starters

Get inspired by the following science subcategories and ignite your imagination with the initial ideas on what to shoot.

People of science

Capture the scientific adventurers – researchers,
lab operators, biologists, chemists, physicists,
and other curious minds in action!

  • People in lab coats conducting experiments and analyzing data.
  • Scientists collaborating in a laboratory setting.
  • Researchers presenting their findings.
  • Lab workers operating scientific equipment and instruments.
  • Scientists dressing up for an experiment.

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The realms under the microscope

From mitosis to zoomed-in monsters, showcase the realms that are invisible to the human eye.

  • Time-lapse footage of cell division during mitosis.
  • Macro shots of microorganisms like bacteria and protozoa in a drop of water.
  • Time-lapse footage of fungal growth and spore release.
  • Footage of blood cells.
  • Microscopic imagery of humans, such as human hair under a microscope.

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Scientific equipment

Submit shots of the tools and safety gadgets that make
science efficient and allow us to improve
the world we live in.

  • Essential safety items, such as lab goggles, lab coats, gloves, respiratory protection, etc.
  • Close-ups of scientists using pipettes, test tubes, and beakers in experiments.
  • Footage of microscopes, centrifuges, and other lab equipment in operation.
  • Time-lapse of lab equipment setups for various experiments.

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The atomic animation

Buyers are interested in animated science-related videos, as the visuals are easy to digest.

  • 3D visualization of atoms, molecules, cells, and other biologic structures.
  • Animated sequences of molecular structures and interactions, such as DNA, mitotic stages, fertilization, etc.
  • Human anatomy and physiology in animation – animations of the brain, beating heart, digestive system, etc.
  • Animation of various viruses, such as the cold virus, flu, etc.
  • Animated visualizations of atoms and their subatomic particles.
  • Animated sequences of nuclear fission and fusion processes.
  • Animations of nanomachines and their potential applications.

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Inside the lab

Capture establishing shots of the strongholds of science – the labs, research centers, and more!

  • Day and night exterior establishing shots of the facilities, such as labs and other institutions.
  • Footage of scientists working in well-equipped and organized labs.
  • Shots of scientists’ workstations featuring computers, notebooks, and reference materials.
  • Time-lapse of research centers showcasing their modern architecture.
  • Time-lapse of a laboratory’s daily activities, showcasing the bustling environment.
  • Footage of emergency eyewash stations and safety showers in labs.
  • Close-ups of safety equipment like fire extinguishers and chemical spill kits.
  • Shots of astronomers and astrophysicists using telescopes and observing the night sky.
  • Time-lapse of telescopes moving to track celestial objects.

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Scientific workflow

From mixing chemicals and using a centrifuge to laser experiments in the physics lab, science is fun! Enlighten us with fresh takes on scientific processes.

  • Time-lapse of 3D printers creating scientific prototypes.
  • Close-ups of chemical reactions in test tubes and beakers.
  • Shots of scientists loading samples into a centrifuge and spinning it.
  • Footage of physicists conducting experiments with lasers.
  • Shots of scientists analyzing data on computers and using specialized software.
  • Shots of research teams discussing results and planning the next steps.

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Submission Ideas

Remember to capture various angles, perspectives, and close-ups to provide versatile and dynamic footage. Pay attention to composition, lighting, and capturing authentic moments that showcase the essence of each transportation mode.


Suitable Keywords:

Laboratory, Scientist, Microscope, Cells, Research, Satellite Dish, Chemistry, Atom, Astronomy, Molecule, Physics, Genetics, Science Technology, Experiment, Biology, Cell Division, Chemistry Lab, Evolution, Observatory, Chemicals, Test Tube


Target Group

All groups, especially corporations, marketing agencies, video producers, advertising, medical companies, pharmacy, etc.



  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration.
  • Stand out and create something that pops out among the other search results.
  • Ensure your submission falls under commercial use by submitting the appropriate release forms when necessary.

Top image: “Microscope With Metal Lens At Laboratory. Medical Equipment.” by romaset.

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