Creative Briefs: Military


The military is one of the most discussed topics among politicians, government officials, and society. Join us as we cultivate and capture the various landscapes of military life, one frame at a time. Whether you’re an experienced military videographer or photographer looking to add extra value to your portfolio or simply fascinated by military life, buyers want your perspective.


Shot List Thought Starters

Get inspired by the following military subcategories and ignite your imagination with the initial ideas on what to shoot.

Homecoming Time

Capture emotional family reunion moments when our brave soldiers return home safe and sound. Footage of soldiers leaving for basic training or a new tour of duty is also in high demand.

  • Emotive shots of family members waiting at an airport, train station, or homecoming event.
  • Close-ups of welcome home signs and banners.
  • Capture emotional expressions as troops reunite with loved ones.
  • Shots of celebratory gatherings or parties after the homecoming.

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Military Training

Military training includes physical fitness, weapons proficiency, tactical skills, discipline, teamwork, sharp senses, and a strong mind. Film our heroes as they train.

  • Close-ups of military equipment and weapons.
  • Soldiers participating in physical fitness drills and exercises.
  • Tactical training exercises, such as live-fire exercises or urban warfare simulations.
  • Instructors giving orders, and soldiers following commands.
  • Shots of soldiers in classrooms or workshops, learning various military skills.

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Life At the Base

The military base is the second home of the soldiers. From a strict daily routine to free time, upload the everyday life of soldiers at their military base.

  • Establishing shots of the military base, including its layout and surroundings.
  • Daily routines of soldiers, such as morning formations, mealtime, and downtime.
  • Scenes from the base amenities, like dining facilities, recreation areas, and medical facilities.
  • Soldiers working together on various tasks and missions.
  • Close-ups of soldiers interacting, demonstrating camaraderie, and engaging in downtime activities.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Military bases are restricted areas. Military equipment and experiments may also be classified. Please check with local authorities to ensure filming is permitted. Proof of authorization may be required for acceptance by our curation team.

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Saluting To Veterans

Honor those who served and protected their country in prior years. Upload footage of the brave men and women who risked their lives to save ours.

  • Shots of veterans in uniform, medals, and ribbons.
  • Soldiers and civilians saluting or showing respect to veterans at ceremonies or events.
  • Veterans sharing their experiences and stories.
  • Close-ups of medals, ribbons, and military memorabilia.
  • Footage of flag-raising or flag-lowering ceremonies in honor of veterans.

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The Cargo Time!

Anti-war activists and people who raise their voices in the name of peace are an inseparable part of the military topic.

  • Peaceful protests and demonstrations against war conflicts.
  • Signs, banners, and artwork conveying anti-war messages.
  • Moments of reflection, such as candlelight vigils for peace.
  • Community events and discussions promoting peaceful solutions to conflicts.

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Military Tech

The military industry invests billions of dollars in technology and often invents the most innovative technological prototypes worldwide.

  • Close-ups of advanced military vehicles, such as tanks, armored personnel carriers, and fighter jets.
  • Footage of military drones, both in operation and during maintenance.
  • Soldiers using cutting-edge technology, such as night vision goggles or communication equipment.
  • Shots of military exercises involving high-tech weaponry and equipment.
  • Detailed shots of military robots or autonomous systems, highlighting their capabilities.
  • Please check with local authorities to ensure filming is permitted.

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Editorial: War Conflicts

If you focus on documentaries of war conflicts, your work is in high demand!
Note: Please don’t submit imagery of
Terrorism even for Editorial use.

  • Footage of war memorials, monuments, or cemeteries.
  • Scenes from conflict zones, documenting the impact of war on civilians and infrastructure.

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Editorial: Military Parades

Discipline, precision, and military capabilities are all showcased in the military parades. Capture these patriotic moments of honor and pride.

  • Wide shots capturing the grandeur and scale of military parades.
  • Close-ups of marching soldiers and their uniforms.
  • Military bands and their performances.
  • High-ranking officials and dignitaries reviewing the parade.
  • Spectators, both civilian and military, observing and reacting to the parade.

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If you want more inspiration from our Artist community, look at our existing footage in this collection!


Submission Ideas

Remember to capture various angles, perspectives, and emotions to create a well-rounded stock media collection for each topic. Pay attention to composition, lighting, and capturing authentic moments that showcase the essence of each military subtopic. Don’t forget to focus on the positive imagery of the soldiers. Don’t forget to check with local authorities what are the conditions for filming.


Suitable Keywords

War, Soldiers, Army, Fighter Jet, Military Family, Nuclear Explosion, Army Training, Navy, Military Parade, Submarine, Veterans, Military Base, Aircraft, Salute, Warfare, Tanks, Military Technology, Military Drone, Troops, Soldiers, Missile, Combat


Target Group

All groups, especially corporations, marketing agencies, video producers, advertising, politicians, etc.



  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration.
  • Stand out and create something that pops out among the other search results.
  • Ensure your submission falls under commercial use by submitting the appropriate release forms when necessary.



Top image: Soldier Reuniting With Her Husband At Home by JacobLund .

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