Exclusive Program Expansion!

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our Exclusive Program! Beginning August 31, 2023, all Exclusive artists can also sell their Pond5 content on the Shutterstock marketplace, allowing our artist community to expand their reach while taking advantage of industry-leading royalty rates on all Pond5 sales!


What does this mean for a Pond5 Artist

  • Selling your work on Shutterstock is optional. To take advantage of the new extended reach:
    • Existing Pond5 Exclusive Artists can register as Shutterstock contributors and upload their exclusive content directly to Shutterstock, independently of Pond5.
    • Non-exclusive Artists with content only on Pond5 and Shutterstock can now upgrade their Pond5 accounts to Exclusive using this sign-up link.
    • Non-exclusive Artists can join the program by signing up to become Exclusive and removing their content from all other marketplaces (except Pond5 and Shutterstock) during the two-week buffer period.
  • All Exclusive artists earn an industry-leading 60% royalty rate on Pond5 sales with up to 90% on new customer referrals through our Pond5 Refer & Earn program.
  • Pond5 Exclusive artists still have complete control over their pricing on Pond5.
  • Shutterstock does not have an Exclusive program. Shutterstock contributors will earn royalties for Shutterstock sales according to their regular terms and payout schedules.

For more information contact us at support@pond5.com.