Creative Briefs: Timelapse


From dramatic clouds reshaping above to city lights transforming from shiny spots to colorful blurred lines, timelapse footage has something for everyone. The magic of speeding up time is one of the many reasons buyers are always looking for fresh takes in this content category. The key phrase, “Timelapse” is a considerable and noteworthy evergreen category on Pond5.


How to Shoot a High-Quality Timelapse Video

Creating a timelapse might seem to be a challenging task. However, with today’s cameras, video editing software, and smartphones, you can film and edit timelapses in just a few hours. Just because it’s “easy” doesn’t mean it’ll immediately look good. Watch the video below to learn how to master essential timelapse techniques.


Shotlist Thought Starters

Get inspired by the following time-lapse subcategories and expand your portfolio with the new fresh content:

City Timelapse

Capture the dynamic lights and movement of a city during the day and night, from sunrise to sunset above the city skyline to the busy life on its streets.

  • Iconic Skyline day-to-night
  • Dynamic flow of traffic during rush hour, emphasizing the hustle and bustle of urban life
  • The buzz of a crowded place in your city as the day progresses
  • Transportation in motion like traffic jams, commuting by trains, buses, underground, or boats

Urban Timelapse

Capture the spirit of individuals thriving in urban settings—whether it’s exploring markets, relishing moments in vibrant parks, partaking in the lively nightlife, or actively participating in the urban business landscape.

  • Capture a public square or park during an event, illustrating the changing crowds, activities, and atmosphere
  • The vibrant activity of a street market
  • Various activities in a city park, such as morning exercises, picnics, and evening relaxation
  • Changing ambiance of a café-lined street corner
  • Portray the social interactions and urban leisure throughout the day
  • Film crowds on the busy streets

Nature Timelapse

Nature never fails to inspire. From growing plants to terrifying cloud formations, nature leaves us speechless by its beauty.

  • The beauty of nature’s cycles, blooming trees and flowers, withering leaves, melting snow, etc
  • Timelapse of plants growing, both in nature and on isolated backgrounds
  • Mountain sunset to sunrise
  • Dynamic weather changes
  • Day-to-night sky in a pristine natural setting
  • Timelapse of a clear starry night

Timelapse or Progress

From painting a masterpiece to constructing a building, processes take time and, therefore, are perfect for timelapse footage. Don’t forget the property release from the owner!

  • A painter creating their masterpiece from beginning to finish
  • Construction of a building, showcasing the various phases
  • Timelapses of a renovation or a cleaning routine
  • Cooking a meal from start to finish
  • DIY creations process

Close-Up Timelapses

Time to bring your inner scientist to life!
Staged content in a safe environment is another popular timelapse subcategory. Think of rotten vegetables, decomposing trash, etc.

  • An apple rotting on a plate
  • Decomposition of a plastic bag
  • Floral macro closeups, such as blooming flowers
  • Architectural details during different times of the day
  • The play of light and shadow on different textures and structures


Submission Ideas

Don’t forget to pay attention to composition, lighting, and capturing authentic moments that showcase the essence of each subtopic.

Get inspired by our collection of content we’re looking for here.


Suitable Keywords:

Timelapse in connection with city, nature, people, sunrise, sunset, construction, clouds, street, stars, business, industry, crowd, 4k, cityscape, aerial, night, plant grow, day to night, people walking, etc.


Target Group

Whether enhancing documentaries, influencing advertising, or spicing up social media content, timelapse footage is a captivating and versatile visual tool for many professionals and creatives, ranging from filmmakers, video producers, and marketing ad agencies to tourism, scientists, educational institutions, etc.


  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration.
  • Stand out and create something that pops out among the other search results.
  • Ensure your submission falls under commercial use by submitting the appropriate release forms when necessary.

TOP Image: Time Lapse Image Of The Night Stars by tobkatrina

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