Creative Briefs: Technology


Technology is one of the most progressive categories of stock footage. The rising popularity of incorporating artificial intelligence into our daily lives and the speed of new innovations make content revolving around Technology evergreen and in high demand. Discover 2024 trending Technology subcategories and get inspired for your next production.


Shotlist Thought Starters

Explore the most popular and most searched Technology subcategories.
Please note that we will not accept AI-generated content into our marketplace. Learn more about our position on AI in this article.

Smart Devices

With Metaverse, Apple Vision Pro, and other devices entering the market and enhancing our lives, buyers are looking for more clips depicting
a visual representation of VR and AR and people relying on smart technologies.

  • Computers, tablets, smartwatches, and other smart devices, smart homes, smart TVs in close-up shots.
  • Content depicting the use of AI in real life, such as algorithms running on screen, self-driving cars, and voice assistants.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality – Wearing VR/AR headsets and interacting, VR/AR use in different environments, such as medical, home usage, education, etc.

People and Tech

Keeping technology under control requires professionals in the field and skillful operators. Show us the people working with tech. Please note that many artists rely on the heavy use of motion graphics to enhance their clips.

  • A hacker attempting to breach a system.
  • Cybersecurity experts training people in a room.
  • IT professionals monitoring networks and implementing security measures.
  • Hackers trying to break the security protocols.
  • Datacenter technicians enforcing security protocols.
  • The interaction between a human and robots in a positive light.
  • People sitting behind a computer, playing games, enjoying a console game, etc.

Technology and Industry

From data centers to manufacturing lines, innovations in industry have become a necessary for living smoothly.

  • A room filled with servers showing a constant flow of data.
  • Drone operators flying a drone.
  • Electric cars in use.
  • Establishing shots of the exteriors of a secure data center.
  • Robotic arms assembling goods in the production line.
  • Futuristic depiction of the industry – think of holograms, interaction with AI, etc.
  • Programmers actively working in a factory.

Robots in action

Automation in industry, as well as in our everyday lives, will use robots and smart devices more and more often.

  • Robots performing precise tasks.
  • Robots in manufacturing, healthcare, and exploration settings
  • Kids learning to program a robot.
  • Robot assistants in everyday life.

Surveillance and Privacy

Everyone, from politicians to social media security experts, cares about protecting people’s privacy. Connect smart technologies with their conceptual usage for or against people. Please note that to capture the essence of technology artists commonly use motion graphics.

  • Urban areas with visible surveillance cameras.
  • Facial recognition technology in use.
  • People using technology to protect their privacy, such as VPN, etc.


Submission Ideas

Don’t forget to pay attention to composition and lighting and capture authentic moments that showcase the essence of each subtopic.

Get inspired by our collection of content we’re looking for here.


Suitable Keywords:

Data, future technology, social media, computer, smartphone, artificial intelligence, tablet, business call, innovation, hacker, virtual reality, vr, augmented reality, ar, robot, technology research, new technology, technology workers, technology background, computer network, data centers, surveillance, cyber security, computer screen


Target Group

The target group of this content category includes not only technology companies that seek visual content for presentations, marketing materials, or internal use but also educational institutions, filmmakers, video producers, researchers, legal and compliance professionals, cybersecurity companies, and more.



  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration.
  • Stand out and create something that pops out among the other search results.
  • Ensure your submission falls under commercial use by submitting the appropriate release forms when necessary.

TOP Image: Computer, Global Analytics Hologram Or Woman Review Finance Data, Stock Market by Peopleimages

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