Creative Brief: Valentine’s Cards


Start the year with love! As we are re-adapting to work after the holidays and tackling our New Year’s resolutions, our buyer community is planning for Valentine’s Day and creating campaigns around this beautiful holiday.

This month, we’re calling out to artists of Illustration, After Effects, and templates. Get one step ahead in planning your next production and let your work hit the hearts of buyers.


Valentine After Effects

Go digital! Valentine-themed After Effects are in high demand. People are looking for lower thirds, transitions, slideshows, social media frames for Instagram stories and posts and alpha mate/alpha channel elements with transparent backgrounds layered over footage of all kinds.

There’s nothing better than a physical Valentine’s card, but nowadays, with social media, it’s more common to send cards by email or on social media. Even e-shops use the cards in their marketing activities.


Submission Ideas

  • Change your graphics to 2023 – If you’ve previously uploaded anything that displays a year, update them for 2023.
  • Motion graphics – Any motion graphics containing hearts, emojis, turtledoves, red lips, Amor (Cupid) and his bow, and other typical elements of Valentine’s Day – People use gifs as one of the forms of Valentine’s cards.
  • Transitions – For video editing software, the gifs, Valentine’s Card short videos posted on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media, etc.


Valentine Transitions Pack by polygonmotions.


Valentine’s Templates

People want to make their cards as personalized as possible. Templates give them space for their own creation and create graphics as a base for their work. Buyers will also use your templates in their email campaigns.


Submission Ideas


Valentine Illustration

Valentine’s Day is perfect for Illustration artists. Their work is suitable for blog posts, YouTube thumbnails and overlay templates, static social media graphics, Twitch and Facebook broadcasts, profile picture frames, social media stickers, and much more!


Submission Ideas

  • Actual Valentine’s Cards – With cute and lovely themes.
  • Isolated Valentine’s traditional themes – Envelopes and cards with hearts, arrows, Amor (Cupid), a flower bouquet, roses, chocolate, pralines, etc.
  • Isolated Valentine stickers – For scrapbooking and DIY.
  • Valentine’s seamless patterns – To use as a background for Valentine’s cards.
  • Profile Picture Frames – Rectangle/circle shapes themed around Valentine’s Day.


Valentine Banners With Cute Animals by frenta.


Keyword ideas

Valentine, Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Card, Love, Amor, Cupid, bow, arrow, lover, sweet, sweetie, sweetheart, boyfriend, girlfriend, partners, marriage, love, heart, bouquet, chocolate, pralines, etc.


Target audience

All kinds of customers – especially ad agencies, digital artists, bloggers, influencers, content creators, etc.


Submission Checklist

  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration
  • Try to stand out and create something that pops out among the other search results
  • Make sure your submission falls under commercial use.

Shoot Brief: User Generated Content

Special Keyword Code: UGCPOND5BRIEF

The trend and demand for realistic videos are increasing month to month. In addition to professionally created staged content, authentic footage straight from the user, also known as User Generated Content (UGC), attracts many buyers. UGC is a raw format mainly shared on social media by large and small companies where nothing is simulated. From vertical videos suitable for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or Tik Tok to the next viral hit, it’s time to get real!


Shot List Thought Starters


Social Media Trends

  • TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube viral trends – People doing their makeup, dancing, eating, going out etc. – UGC shots tend to be more casual and focus on people enjoying themselves.
  • The selfie culture – Whether it’s tagged as #nofilter or not, show us some portraits of you and your friends, and don’t be afraid to record the seconds of you setting the pose before you hit the shutter.
  • AR Filter shots – AR filters on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok rule the world! Have you tried them on your cat or dog?
  • The typical Youtuber— Submit a shot of people unboxing a product, PR packages, vlogging, pranks, makeup gurus, fitness instructors, reviews of products, etc.
  • Parody and memes – Make them laugh with parodies, internet memes, funny sketches, etc.


Happy Friends Dancing And Posing For Selfie At Party by AnnaStills.


Everyday Life

  • First-person perspective lifestyle shots – Imagine a vlogger capturing a trip from the first-person perspective or an influencer recording a cooking tutorial on TikTok. The goal is to get as authentic as possible. The visible selfie stick and ring light are definitely not a problem here!
  • Videos of your pets – Does your pet know a special trick? Has your pet done anything funny worth sharing? What does a stroll down the street look like? Show us!
  • Authentic home videos – Birthdays, holidays, vacations, sports games, school plays, gatherings, public events, etc.
  • Fails – Fail compilations tend to go viral on social media platforms. Upload anything that “went wrong”.
  • Vintage photos and videos – Bring out those old camcorders and show us your shaky digitalized VHS tapes!


VHS Shot Of Joyous Dad And Daughter Preparing For Halloween At Home by AnnaStills.


Breaking News

Newsworthy editorial content straight from the participants will always be in high demand!

Check the list of events below:

  • Protests – Have you witnessed any protests or community action? If you have shareable material that might be interesting for News organizations, submit your work with a proper editorial caption.
  • Natural disasters – From locals shooting an earthquake, tornados, and hurricanes to planned production of storm chasers, upload newsworthy weather packed videos.
  • Breaking events – Become a journalist and shoot anything extraordinary that happens near you.


Pov: Police Line Walks Next To Black Lives Matter Protesters In New York City by RawMediaNetwork.


Suggested Keywords

UGC, User Generated Content, Authentic, Selfie, Home video, Vine, TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, protest, community action, breaking news, natural disaster, floods, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, fire, etc.


Target audience

All kinds of groups from corporate clients and ad companies to social media influencers.


Submission checklist

  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration.
  • Aim to stand out and create something new among the other search results
  • Make sure your submission falls under commercial use whenever it’s possible.

Top Image: Fans Celebrating At Football Match by ImageSource.

Creative Brief: World Cup Countdown!

Special Keyword Code: P5WorldCup2022

The World Cup is coming up. Just seconds before the whistle blows, it’s time for a soccer shoot-out! Buyers want footage, tracks, and SFX around the beautiful game—from fancy footwork and fan culture to distinctive match locations. Don’t miss your shot! Remember to keep in mind the local regulations of photography in Qatar during this time.


Visual Media Thought Starters

Footage, images, After Effects, and illustrations are all-star players in this stock squad. Remember that natural content with authentic models always wins. And avoid red cards—look out for 3rd party intellectual property if clearing for commercial use!


Football Lifestyle

  • Fans at the pub – drinking beer and watching a match that’s been cleared for commercial use.
  • Friends or family around the TV — either watching a game, celebrating victory, or mourning defeat.
  • Individuals watching matches on mobile screens – in public transport, at work, in bed, or in cars.
  • Kids playing soccer – with friends or family in Qatar.
  • Friends playing pickup soccer – on an urban street, alley, residential street, driveway, or in a public park or field in Qatar.
  • Commercial Footage of fans traveling to Qatar by trains, planes, buses, and local city transport.
  • Commercially cleared media of fans preparing food for match get-togethers.
  • Fans creating banners or signs to support their team. Fans wearing jerseys or having their face painted their country’s colors.


Man Embracing With Multiracial Fans During Soccer Game by verticalstock.


Professional Football

The goal is to mix up techniques—experiment with angles, frame sizes, and frame rates!

  • Close-ups of players preparing for the match. Slow-motion shots of putting on protectors, tying shoelaces, drinking water, etc.
  • The walkout to the pitch before a match.
  • Soccer players at practice playing a scrimmage or hitting goals, free kicks, etc.
  • POV from the player’s perspective as a goalkeeper, defense, offense, or other positions.
  • Typical football moves like a player heading the ball, goalkeeper blocking the shot, etc.
  • Shots of staff including referees, football officials, coaches, medics, etc. Reactions of coaches or other players when a goal occurs. Use special effects like slow-motion and POV.


Close Up Of A Male Soccer Player Running With A Soccer Ball On The Football by petrunine.


Archival Content

Do you have VHS tapes with soccer on them? Or old photographs? Connect your story to the past and enrich our collection with a touch of history. Archival footage and images are in high demand!

  • Historic moments in soccer such as game-changing goals, famous matches, extraordinary moves, etc.
  • Old tournaments — shots of the field, the match, fans cheering, flags waving, TV and newspaper advertising, fans dressed in national jerseys, etc.
  • Interviews and press conferences — Journalists interviewing staff, players, and fans.
  • Soccer legends — famous players or referees, footage and images of famous people playing the game.
  • Archival — fan zones from back in the day like stadiums, cities, and merchandise.
  • Digitalized VHS tapes of any kind – whether it’s you playing soccer in the yard as a kid, school teams, or professional players heading the ball, submit what you got!

File: Football/Soccer: Profile: Former Manchester United And England Star by Reuters.

Content on Location

  • Qatar World Cup Stadiums — aerials and establishing shots of these 8 venues, and their surrounding cities, taken during the day and at night. Tip: catch all the preparations, entrances, and corridors before and during the tournament.
    • Lusail – Lusail Stadium
    • Al Khor – Al Bayt Stadium
    • Al Wakrah – Al Janoub Stadium
    • Al Rayyan – Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
    • Doha – Khalifa International Stadium, Education City Stadium, Stadium 974, Al Thumama Stadium
  • Qatar culture — timelapses, aerials and establishing shots of Qatar and its residents at different times of day.
  • Training grounds for football players—training, lighting, empty stadiums with players on the field, locker rooms, etc.
  • Fan zones in different cities and areas in Qatar
  • Local businesses getting ready for the World Cup—decorated shop interiors, branding and advertising on storefronts, bazaars, and souvenir shops selling themed goods.
  • Important tourist places such as hotels, airports, and train stations.


Doha, Qatar: Aerial View Of Lusail Football Stadium For Fifa World Cup 2022 by unicusx.


Also Consider

  • Change your graphics to 2022 — if you’ve previously uploaded anything that displays a year, make sure it’s updated for 2022.
  • Motion graphics — backgrounds and loops will be high in demand as well as transitions for editing software. Intros, openers, waving team flags, national flags, scoreboards, templates for the score tables.
  • Lower thirds — Get inspired by a match on TV and upload lower thirds with the Qatar World Cup color scheme.
  • Social media templates — create graphics for Social Media stories, profile picture frames, YouTube ending screens, Twitch overlays, etc. wallpaper backgrounds?
  • Isolated soccer themes — the ball, goals, whistles, red and yellow cards.
  • All-purpose marketing elements — soccer icons, email templates, signatures, flyers for local pubs etc.


Football Music and Sound Effects

Audio brings this theme to life! Complete the action with sound design, including thousands of cheering or booing fans, whistles, and ball kicks, or create a memorable atmosphere with festive anthemic music tracks.


If you intend to qualify your content for commercial use, these shots should never show logos or third-party intellectual property. Make sure you have a signed property release from the owner of a facility if it’s unique and distinctive enough and a signed model release (or a model release for a minor) from anyone who is recognizable in the shot or photo.


Keyword Ideas

World Cup, Soccer, Football, Championship, FIFA, UEFA, AFC, CAF, OFC, CONCACAF, CONMEBOL, Qatar, Player, National Team, Training, National Flags, Doha, International, Schedule, Banner, Champion, Trophy, Competition, Success, Determination, Power, Endurance, Focus, Preparation, Precision, Agility, Achievement, Teamwork, Skill, Audience, Fans


Target audience

All kinds of customers – especially ad agencies, corporate clients, digital artists, etc.


Submission checklist

  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration.
  • Aim to stand out and create something new among the other search results
  • Make sure your submission falls under commercial use whenever it’s possible.

Top Image: Fans Celebrating At Football Match by ImageSource.

Creative Brief: Let’s Get Spooky

Special Keyword Code: HALLOWEENP5BRIEF

Chilly nights, changing leaves and long sleeves are approaching! We’re looking forward to embracing fall with blankets, smores, and scary stories around the bonfire. However, our buyers are already looking for Halloween campaign content!

While demand is centred around Footage and Music, this is a callout for all Pond5 Artists! Get inspired by our spooky creative brief centred around Halloween themes. Here’s what to submit:


Footage and Photos

Footage and Photos are close enough to each other to have a shot list that is similar. Our buyers are looking for authentic footage and photos cleared for commercial use, that are going to be used in online and offline campaigns, social media, as well as illustration photos on blogs. Avoid stocky-looking content and get creative with your staged content.


Shot List Thought Starters

  • Real horror scenes – screaming people, scarecrows, scary old buildings, forests, etc.
  • Costumes cleared for commercial use – our buyers want to see real horror costumes and cosplays – please be aware of 3rd party intellectual property as such clips may be marked as editorial
  • Your take on Halloween – origin pagan take of Halloween – Samhain. Halloween traditions around the world such as Dia de Los Muertos, Samhain, or Kawasaki Halloween parade. If you know anyone who’s left the “commercial” aspect of Halloween to pay respect to the original tradition, we’d love to see that!
  • Witches – rituals, using spellbooks, sorcery, potions, setting up an altar, using tools such as pendulum, bells, crystals, candles, smokers, stones, herbs and blossoms, etc.
  • Mythical creatures – elves, vampires, ghosts, werewolf, bats, goblins, boogeyman, skeletons, demons, dragons, etc.

Pro Tip: Consider shooting the same scene both during daytime and nighttime.

Evil Clown In Dark Scary Halloween Horror Scene, Frightening With Balloon by Imagine_Media.


Halloween Music and Sound Effects:

Here’s a huge opportunity for our Audio Artists as well – we’re recording an increased demand for Halloween-themed music and sound effects.

Submission ideas – Music

  • Goth rock, Halloween Punk and similar microgenres
  • Eerie EDM subgenres, such as witch house, dark psytrance, darkcore jungle, etc.
  • Horror movie cinematic genres – suspenseful music
  • Dark ambient music

Submission ideas – SFX

  • Spooky weather: Think of thunder, stormy wind, heavy rain
  • Mystical creatures: Werewolf howl, ghost sounds, evil laugh, skeleton bones sound
  • Horror sound effects: machete swoosh, torn cloth, squeaky door opening, footsteps, scratching, … etc.
  • Animals: Crows, howls, bats, hissing
  • People sounds: screaming, fearful breathing, etc.


Halloween After Effects

After Effects are a very important media type on Pond5 during Halloween time. People are looking for lower thirds, transitions, slideshows and alpha mate/alpha channel elements with a transparent background that is layered over the footage.

Submission Ideas

  • Change your graphics to 2022 – replace your existing submissions on Pond5 with an updated 2022 one.
  • Motion graphics – experiment with classic shots of bats flying at the camera, skeletons, cemeteries, witches, etc. Backgrounds and loops will be high in demand as well.
  • Lower thirds – use Halloween themes and fonts
  • Transitions for video editing software – flying bats and witches, tore screen, etc.
  • Halloween social media templates – graphics for Social Media stories, YouTube ending screen, Twitch overlays, etc.
  • Green screen clips – bats, witches, cemetery, skeletons, ghosts, zombies, skulls etc.


Halloween Illustration

On Halloween, illustration and 3D model artists will not be forgotten! Illustration is easy to follow – blog posts, YouTube thumbnails, static social media graphics, overlay templates for YouTube, Twitch and Facebook broadcasts, profile picture frames, social media stickers, halloween party invitation templates, and much more!

Submission Ideas

  • Isolated Halloween traditional themes – zombies, ghosts, vampires, etc.
  • Halloween icons – pumpkins, cauldrons, brooms, candy corn etc.
  • Profile picture frames in rectangle / circle shape
  • Halloween party invitation templates – emails, flyers, posters, etc.


Halloween 3D Models

3D Artists won’t be left behind as well! Our buyers are looking for 3D models of skulls, bats, brooms, spiders, and other typical Halloween elements. This artwork will find its use as a foundation for other works of digital artists.

Submission Ideas

  • Human body parts – Skulls, bone, brain, etc. think of cut fingers and other eerie modifications
  • Halloween creatures from vampires to mummies. Think of werewolves, full moon, zombies, ghosts, etc.
  • Eerie tools – knives, axes, shovels, etc.
  • Typical Haloween themes – tombstones, brooms, etc.


Keyword Ideas

Halloween, Samhain, zombies, ghost, mummy, vampire, werewolf, full moon, blood, eerie, scary, spooky, horror, gore, any keyword relevant to the music genre of the music etc.


Target audience

All kinds of customers – especially ad agencies, corporate clients, digital artists, etc.


Submission checklist

  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration
  • Try to stand out and create something that pops out among the other search results
  • Make sure your submission falls under commercial use.

Top Image: Scary Halloween Background With Glowing Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins At Night by ComebackImages.

Creative Brief: Mockups

Special Keyword Code: MOCKUPSP5BRIEF

Artists and creatives use Mockups whenever they want to show their work in a lifelike environment. A mockup is a realistic model that shows how the final piece will look and feel. It can be anything from a stack of business cards with a design applied on the top card or a blank t-shirt to showcase a custom design to a 3D model of a living room showing a digital painting as if it was printed and installed on the actual wall. In other words, when your content is used as a Mockup, it serves as a stage for another person’s work presentation. Creating Mockups will help you connect with artists worldwide and make their products stand out! Submit Mockups as footage, photos, after effects, and even 3D models.



Think of different products that may use your content as a mockup, whether a physical product, such as clothing, a car, a scooter, or any other vehicle, packaging, or a specific device, such as a watch or the newest iPhone. Here are a few examples of mockups for inspiration:


Green Screen Mockups

A green screen mockup is a video or photo featuring bright green color on any part of the space used for chroma keying. Other artists use this media to embed their products in a natural environment.


  • TV/computer screens
  • Specific devices, such as smartwatches, phones, etc.
  • Realistic models – of billboards, flyers, etc.
  • Stages – think of the backgrounds used for a newsroom, etc.

Product mockup

A product mockup is a visual representation of what a product will look like without actually manufacturing one. This artwork, mostly digital 3D models, is a foundation for graphic design.


  • Branding & packaging – Create different sizes and types of boxes, bottles, jars, bags, sacks, cream packaging, and cans.
  • Apparel – T-shirts, vests, trousers, caps, jerseys, beanies, hoodies, tracksuits, shoes, and bags.
    such as smartwatches, phones, etc.
  • Vehicles and Transportation – Often portrayed as the base for car stickers, branding for trucks, electric scooters, Vans, buses, trains, airplanes, etc.
  • Electronic devices – Provide different types of smartphones, smart watches, laptops and desktops, any device that can represent an app, website, advertisement, etc.

Staging mockup

Attention 3D artists, animators, digital graphics artists, illustrators, and footage creators, this one is for you! Once an artist has the final design of their new product, they must present it in a real environment. So they look for staging environments and live backdrops to set the scene.


  • Podiums – Podiums or any space that serves as a place to present a product.
  • Poster staging – Poster staging is a live environment featuring blank space for an artist’s work, such as a shot of a living room with an empty space above the sofa for inserting a wall picture design.
  • Backgrounds – This kind of media provides some context and depth to the visual representation of a product, whether it’s a workspace on a table or just a blurred background with a space for copy/paste.


Pro Tip

Don’t get stuck thinking about footage only. Photography is just a still frame – if you plan to shoot a specific set, such as a living room with an empty space for a wall painting, shoot different frame sizes, try various camera movements and also make a photo and upload it on Pond5 as well! Technically any concept can be used in every media type. You can create packaging for cream in your 3D software, create a background scene, make a photo of that, and animate a camera movement!

Keyword Ideas

Mockup, staging, poster staging, environment, realistic, podium, product background, product packaging, chroma key, green screen, etc.

Target audience

Digital artists, Corporate clients, ad agencies, non-profit organizations, etc.


Submission checklist

  • Check out our marketplace for visual reference and inspiration
  • Try to stand out and create something that pops out among the other search results
  • Make sure your submission falls under commercial use.

Top Image: Stylish Room Interior With Empty Posters On Light Wall. Mockup For Design by liudmilachernetska744.

Creative Brief: Retro Home Videos of Summer

Special Keyword Code: RETROSUMMERP5BRIEF

Summer inspires sweet nostalgia for simpler times in the sun. Retro and home-video-style footage is in demand, so dig through your basement and attic boxes for those old 8 MM films and VHS recordings from family beach days, garden barbecues, or any random Tuesday.


Archival Vetting Process

We accept archival/vintage content when a contributor provides proof of copyright ownership for their whole portfolio. Please fill out this form to prove that you are the copyright owner of your archival content. Our curation team will review all submissions, and approval is not guaranteed.

Remember to Tag Your Submissions

The ideal format for archival footage description is as follows: PLACE, CITY, COUNTRY (MONTH, DAY, YEAR). Aim to get it as close to this as possible. When you tag footage and photos properly, you assure potential buyers of authenticity, making them more likely to buy your items!

  • Example:Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England‎, United Kingdom (August 15, 1985)


Kids Dancing / Summer Fun, Australia (1970S) by FOOTAGESELECT.

Submission List Thought Starters


  • Vintage home videos of your family enjoying a beach day, strolling in a sunny park, spending an afternoon at a lake or in the backyard, etc.
  • Retro establishing shots of vacation locations–camps, hotels, lakes, etc.
  • Vintage food shots – think buffet breakfasts at hotel restaurants, family picnics, moms packing road trip snacks, BBQs in your garden, etc.
  • Archival footage of typical summer activities – whether sunbathing, surfing, drying laundry under the sun, beach volleyball, putting on sun cream, or sipping cocktails in sunnies and swimwear, our buyers want it all!
  • Archival footage cleared for commercial use – can you secure an adequately filled model release from recognizable people?

Pro-Tip: You must be the rightful copyright owner of all footage you submit. If you purchased the content, please prepare the proper releases from the copyright owner of the clips/images.

Aunt Gives Hugs To Kids In Driveway-1962 Vintage 8Mm Film by Happyrojo.
Suggested Keywords: archival, retro, vintage, home video, summer

Typical UsersAd agencies, social media companies, lifestyle brands, documentary filmmakers

Location Diversity: Private spaces like homes, apartments, backyards, and hotel rooms. Public civic areas such as beaches, parks, etc. Commercial buildings, including cafés, restaurants, etc.


Submission Checklist

  • Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: RETROSUMMERP5BRIEF
  • Submit all completed property and model releases
  • Add all applicable conceptual keywords to the clips

Top Image: 1970S Crowd People Waikiki On At Beach Hawaii Vintage Film Retro Old Home Movie by DogPhonics.

Shoot Briefs: Localized Content

Special Keyword Code: LOCALIZEDCONTENT2022

Here’s looking at you, wherever you are! Content from diverse locations across all continents is in high demand, with customers from many industries looking for fresh takes on local areas, whether commercial or editorial. Show off where you live, and contribute to our global but local collection!

African Family Working Together, Measuring Out Quantities Of Rice Or Grain by hotelfoxtrot.

Shot List Thought Starters

  • Local Upcoming Events – Heading to an e-sport, traditional sport, or political event? Shoot everything from conferences to political conventions to local festivals – think National Cherry Blossom Festival, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, etc.
    • Remember, the preferred format for a newsworthy editorial description is: PLACE, CITY, COUNTRY, (MONTH, DAY, YEAR)
  • Local buildings, city parks, streets, and landmarks. Buyers love aerials and locked-off images taken from the same angle day and night.
  • Buyers value images and footage of local nature—think of national parks, forests, animals, flora, etc.
  • There’s a strong desire for Lifestyle shots as well! Show us your local food and drinks, fashions, traditions, and typical gatherings–Easy to capture when out at a house party, garden BBQ, or enjoying the night in a pub.
  • Who are the people in your neighborhood? Whether a tech company CEO or a local farmer running a small business, show us the people representing your location!
  • Focus on diversity. Choose models that truly represent the communities, whether LGBTQ+, Indigenous people, etc.


Chhath Festival (India, Nepal, Hindusim) _2 by aadityanrn.


Suggested Keywords

Think of keywords that truly describe what is happening in the shot. Be precise with locations, names of the landmarks, parks, etc. – use the advantage of having a unique shot from a unique location.


Trending Hashtags

Get inspired by social media’s most popular hashtags. If you’re planning to shoot an event, use the trending hashtags you find on Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms.


Submission Checklist

  • Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: LOCALIZEDCONTENT2022
  • Include relevant keywords.
  • It’s important to attach property release and model release forms to all videos you intend to list as suitable for commercial use on the Marketplace. Remember to check that there is no 3rd party IP, such as distinctive logos, designs, etc.

Top Image: Hirano Shrine Cherry Blossom Festival Lanterns In Kyoto, Japan by sangapark.

Shoot Briefs: 2022, The Year of Election

Creative Brief – Special Keyword Code: USElections2022

Various countries are preparing to hold elections this year, from South Korea to France, Australia to the U.S. midterms, and more. In the face of change, we can be confident of three things: shifts in the global political landscape, political campaigners looking for media, and news organizations seeking editorial footage.


PRO TIP: Update Your Existing After Effects and Graphics

Have you uploaded election-related special effects before, such as lower thirds After Effects, national flag animations, intros, etc.? If so, just re-export and re-upload your work with the current year, updating the description and keywords!

Typing Motivational Announcement Vote In 2022 On A Vintage Typewriter Close-Up by labutstudio.


Submission Thought Starters

There is tremendous demand for VIDEO, STILL PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC, ILLUSTRATION and SFX in this category.


Editorial Footage & Photos

  • Politicians delivering speeches and leading public demonstrations
  • Voters waiting in front of polling stations
  • Politicians on the campaign trail
  • Supporters holding signs for political candidates and key issues
  • Protesters against key political issues
  • Influential personalities speaking out on political & social issues
  • Major political events in history, including speeches, the election process, parades, events, protests, etc.
  • Key politicians from your own country’s history

IMPORTANT NOTE: Buyers will search for footage from their locality so be sure to provide the proper date and location.

  • Suggested format: PLACE, CITY, COUNTRY, (MONTH, DAY, YEAR)
  • Example: Dallas, Texas‎, United States (March 1, 2022)


4K: Young Black Female Voter Voting At The Usa Election With Face Mask by purplevideos.


Commercial Footage, After Effects, Illustrations, and Photos

  • Various animations (national flags, lower thirds, intros, logo animations, transitions.)
  • Establishing shots (aerial views, skyline, cityscapes, etc.)
  • Depictions of the critical issues discussed in your local politics (healthcare, economy, immigration, ecology, DEI, etc.)
  • All touchpoints of the Electoral process. Think close-ups of ballots, commercially cleared shots of protesting crowds, etc.
  • Proud supporters wearing merchandise for their favorite candidate (badges, hats, t-shirts, badges, etc.)
  • Illustrations relating to the list of keywords above.



  • Crowd reactions including cheering in a stadium, clapping, booing, etc.
  • Check out our Music Briefs dedicated to Politics!


Keyword Ideas

Top-quality metadata helps buyers find your work, so copy some keywords from this handy list when uploading your new content or updating existing items. Less is more, so use only the most relevant words or phrases!

Politic, democracy, citizen, economic, economy, freedom, speech, protest, vote, government, national, ballot, voting, president, Washington, patriotism, campaign, candidate, democrat, republican, civil, register, capitol, flag, national, collusion, elect, impeach

Find more inspiration on how to choose and add keywords here.


Trending Hashtags

Get inspired by social media’s most popular hashtags. The following are trending Instagram hashtags for the US Midterms:

#midterms #vote #election #midtermelections #usa #politics #election2022 #bluewave #electionday #ivoted #midterms2022 #voting #elections #democracy #democrat #democrats #rockthevote #votingmatters #govote #republican #getoutthevote #yourvotecounts #voterregistration #washingtondc #votethemout #congress #american

Keep an eye out for any local keywords associated with your shoot locations. For example, if you’re about to upload a shot of people registering to vote in Arizona, look at the hashtags used by politicians in Arizona and add them to the keywords. Don’t forget to add USElections2022!

However, this process works for every country so if you plan to shoot a set depicting the presidential election in France, get inspired by the Twitter and Instagram trending hashtags.


Production Checklist


  • Safety is extremely important when capturing footage in crowded, chaotic, and sometimes violent circumstances.
  • Make sure to assess the situation, ensuring that you can film safely as events unfold.
  • If using your mobile phone, position it horizontally so that customers have maximum flexibility when using the image or footage.


Submission Checklist:


  • Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: USElections2022
  • Relevant keywords are extremely important to include as well.
  • Make sure you have your property release and model release forms attached to videos you intend to list as suitable for commercial use on the Marketplace. Also check that commercially cleared images and footage don’t contain any 3rd party IP, such as distinctive logos, designs, etc.

Creative Brief: Commercial vs. Editorial Sports

Creative Brief: Winter Sports - Snowboarder

Creative Brief – Special Keyword Code: WINSPORP5BRIEF

Did you know that Beijing is the world’s first city to host both the summer and winter Olympic Games? As the 2022 Winter Olympics draws closer, we’re looking for commercial and editorial footage of all winter sports at amateur and professional levels. Read on for some epic thought starters and key licensing info.


What’s the difference between commercial and editorial licenses?

When our curators review your footage, they’ll decide if the video can be distributed with a commercial license or an editorial license.

  • Commercial licenses allow companies, like advertising agencies, to use footage (or other media) for selling a product or service.
  • Editorial licenses can be used only for communications that do not sell for profit. These are typically news agencies, documentaries, etc.


When is footage marked commercial?

Footage is marked for commercial use when:

Without these forms, the following is acceptable for commercial use:

  • Local and school games
  • Jerseys and other equipment without names
  • Animated clips and illustrations


Face-Off In Ice Hockey Game by MayStudio.

There is no visible team name, therefore a property release for logos is not required. The artist has provided a completed model release on behalf of the recognizable player.


When is footage marked editorial?

Footage that is marked for editorial use features:

  • Recognizable sports jerseys with visible team names, player names, etc.
  • Identifiable buildings, such as a stadium, without a signed property release.
  • Recognizable faces of people without signed model releases.
  • 3rd party intellectual property such as sponsor logos in the stadium, on shoes, shirts, etc.


Scoring A Goal In An Ice Hockey Game by eurospiders.

Here you can see the numbers and names on jerseys, as well as recognizable faces.


When is footage not suitable for licensing at all?

Clips that violate copyright laws or other rights are not suitable for licensing and will be rejected by our curation team.

Examples not suitable for licensing:

  • Live shots from ticketed events of large games like the NHL and Olympic Games.
  • Footage of television sets broadcasting the above games


Creative Brief – Thought Starters:


  • Fan Culture — Think national flags painted on cheeks, crazy costumes and wigs, sunglasses, watching TV games, fan zones at stadiums or indoors, spectators doing the wave, wearing sports jerseys (editorial), culturally diverse fans across the globe, etc.
  • Equipment shots — Hockey sticks, skis, ice skates, goals, pucks, etc.
  • Outside sports — Ice hockey on frozen ponds, skating on outdoor rinks, mountain sports.
  • Parents teaching their kids — How to ski, sled, skate, etc.
  • Training schedule — Parents waking their kids up in the early morning hours to get to practice.
  • Traveling to stadiums — Public transport overcrowded with fans in masks and jerseys, etc.
  • COVID-19 measures at sporting events — Fans having their temperature taken, wearing masks, etc.



  • Stay safe, warm, and healthy, especially when shooting outdoors—keeping up to date with government or public health agency recommendations.
  • Cast talent with real sport skills for believable content.
  • Plan your shoot with licensing in mind, as this will affect your choice of wardrobe, location, and shot list. Check out the guide below for more.

Suggested Keywords: winter sports, winter olympics 2022, skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, snowboarding, extreme sports, adrenaline sports, other sports names if applicable, etc.

Typical Users: News & Media Organizations, Ad Agencies, Lifestyle Brands, Television Studios

Casting Considerations: Race, age, and gender diversity, authenticity with talent and imagery. Accept the challenge to remove artificiality from your setup. In other words, keep it REAL. These considerations will play an important role in the success of your shoot.

Location Diversity: Snowparks, hills, stadium and arenas, frozen ponds, etc.


Before You Shoot:


  • Firstly, please check existing content in the Pond5 marketplace
  • Secondly, think about a visual approach that will result in new and fresh footage
  • Lastly, remember that each shot must communicate a clear message


Submission Checklist:


  • Remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: WINSPORP5BRIEF
  • Also, don‘t forget to submit all completed property and model releases
  • No logos or brands may be visible in any of the clips
  • Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords to the clips

Top image: A Snowboarder In A Ski Mask And A Backpack Is Riding On A Snow-Covered Slope by yanik88.

Creative Brief: Viral Video

Creative Brief: Viral Video Cat

Creative Brief – Special Keyword Code: VIRALVIDEOP5BRIEF

This month‘s Creative Brief brings you the theme Viral Video. No one may really know the true formula to creating a viral video, but it hasn’t stopped countless filmmakers and creators around the world from trying. GIFs, memes, TikTok-style videos, fails, and more are all being created daily to try and capture the attention of the world’s social media users. Emulating a viral video style with some thoughtful planning and even some basic post production is a great chance to create something useful and different for buyers.


Creative Brief – Shot List Thought Starters:

  • “Behind-the-scenes” shots of a viral video clip being made (crew, actors, etc)
  • Vertical shots that play well when looped
  • Adding text to funny videos in a meme-format
  • Handheld and more DIY-looking shots to simulate a mobile device
  • Shots of people dancing for the camera with choreographed moves
  • Cinéma vérité shots of real-world situations with actors/models
  • Humorous clips of “fails” that look natural
  • Using basic motion graphics, masking, and animated icons to increase plausibility


Suggested Keywords: viral video, funny, meme, gif, fail, social media, filmmaking, creative

Typical Users: news & media organizations, ad agencies, lifestyle brands, television and movie studios, vloggers


Mandrill (Mandrillux Sphinx) Facepalm by LukasPich.


Pro-Tip: Remember to stay safe and healthy when making this content, and bring along plenty of water and sun protection if you plan on being outside. Don’t shoot with more people than what your government or public health agencies recommend. Do your best to cast real-looking talent with real skills to get authentic content. Be conscious of logos and other intellectual property as well.

Casting Considerations: Race, age, and gender diversity, authenticity with talent and imagery. Accept the challenge to remove artificiality from your setup. In other words, keep it REAL. These considerations will play an important role in the success of your shoot.

Location Diversity: Homes, apartments, backyards, open fields, offices, anywhere really!

Reaction Gif Ugly Win Internet Argument by Grenar.

Before You Shoot:

  • Firstly, please check existing content in the Pond5 marketplace
  • Secondly, think about a visual approach that will result in new and fresh footage
  • Lastly, remember that each shot must communicate a clear message

Submission Checklist:

  • Remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: VIRALVIDEOP5BRIEF
  • Also, don‘t forget to submit all completed property and model releases
  • No logos or brands may be visible in any of the clips
  • Don’t forget to add any applicable conceptual keywords to the clips

Top image: Cool Naughty Cat With Sunglasses Sticking Out Tonngue by furryfritz.