About Pond5

Pond5 began with the desire to create a place for artists to make a living doing what they love.

Since then, we’ve grown to become the world’s largest collection of video clips, music tracks, and other media, with more than 1.5 million searches placed on the site each week.

We help our artists earn revenue simply and quickly by licensing their work to customers around the world. If you create professional-quality video, audio, photos, illustrations, or After Effects templates, we’d love to partner with you!


Why should I license my work on Pond5?


    • Get connected to the biggest names in film, television, music, and more. Our Global Sales and Research teams work with these companies, and their highest priority is to connect your work to amazing opportunities as they arise. With representatives in New York, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Prague, and beyond, we pick up production requests across time zones. We’ll help get your work in front of the right people when they want it.
    • Enjoy a quick and easy workflow. Upload your items, tag them with metadata, submit them to our team of curators, and earn. It’s that easy.
    • Earn competitive commissions on all sales.
    • Receive monthly payments by Paypal, Skrill, or Payoneer. As your portfolio grows, this can become consistent income from a relatively small initial investment of time.
    • Receive specialized marketing on your behalf. Extensive, ongoing campaigns are designed to bring you business.
    • Access a Customer Service team with real human beings committed to ensuring you have a superb artist experience, available 24/7.
    • Your portfolio is powered by our team of engineers who continually optimize the Pond5 experience for both artists and customers.
    • Start earning on day one! Our unparalleled Referral Program allows you to put the entire Pond5 library to work for you. Bring new customers to Pond5 and earn a commission on whatever they purchase (even if it’s not your media).
    • We provide a state-of-the-art, customizable storefront to help you highlight your best work, easily share your portfolio with the world, and drive your business forward.


What to Submit

Dazzling, amazing, significant, and staggeringly beautiful content from all categories and genres. The content we accept is as diverse as the artist community itself.

  • Footage

    Classic stock video footage: from SD to 5k+ resolution, 360° videos, news and editorial content, archival media from all decades

    • Pond5 offers a Non-Exclusive option, giving you complete control over your work. You can sell your work anywhere else or instantly remove it from the Pond5 marketplace at any time, no strings attached.
    • The Pond5 Exclusivity Program offers an industry-leading royalty share, extra marketing, and pricing flexibility to maximize your earnings. Learn more here.

  • Music

    Music tracks: Music beds and beats, original songs — both digital and recorded. Get some inspiration on what to creat in our Music Brief section.

  • Sound Effects

    Sound effects: From abstract whoosh sounds to the ticking of a clock

  • After Effects

    After Effects – Motion graphics, motion backgrounds, and VJ loops

  • Photos and Pictures

    Still Media: – Photos, illustrations, PSD files and vector graphics


Regardless of the style of your work, it should be of extremely high quality.

    • Commercially-oriented work should be professionally shot or recorded and carefully chosen.
    • Editorial and archival content should be informative, powerful, and tagged with accurate contextual information.