Optimize Your Portfolio

Pond5 artist profiles have a number of all-new features that aim to enhance the artist experience onsite. These features not only enable you to make your profile more aesthetically pleasing but also easier to navigate. Artists can now set a cover photo, highlight up to five collections on their profiles, and add descriptions. In addition, buyers can now search within an artist’s portfolio, thanks to a new search bar.

Watch the video below and read on to learn how to use each of these new features.


Profile Photo Images

You can change your profile photo easily. This serves as the profile image (similar to what you might find on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). Just hover your mouse over the circle where the profile image goes, select “Change Picture” and then upload your image.



Profile Cover Images

You can easily update your profile’s cover image as well. This serves as the background image that sits at the top of your profile (similar to what you might find on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Just hover your mouse over the area where the cover image goes, select “Change Cover Picture” and then upload your image.


Profile Cover Image Before & After


Collection Cover Images

Updating the cover image for each of your Collections follows the same process. Simply hover over the top portion where your cover image goes on the collection page, and select “Change Cover Picture,” then upload your image. (Note: make sure that the image you upload is at least 1500 pixels wide.)


Chamonix Collection Cover Before & After


Updating Your Collection Descriptions

Collection descriptions are important because they help online search engines find your collections and content. Create and edit descriptions by clicking on the “Edit” link below your title. This will open a new window that will allow you to type in a description.


Collection Description Before & After


Search Within Profiles

This feature has been added for ease and functionality so that buyers can find whatever they need from you, the artists they love. Buyers can now search for specific keywords and media right within your collection.


Artist Portfolio Search Function


We built all of these new features to help you better expose your content as a Pond5 artist. We hope you like them, and we look forward to continuing to roll out more updates that empower you to reach your full creative potential.