Pond5 Exclusive Video Artist Program

When you join the Pond5 Exclusive Video Artist Program, you’ll receive an industry-leading 60% royalty share. That’s double the royalty share of competing sites! Not only will you maximize the value of your work, but you’ll also save time by uploading to just one platform.

As an exclusive artist, you’ll receive:

As an exclusive artist, you’ll receive:

  • Increased royalty share (up to 90% with referrals)
  • Priority curation and support
  • More flexibility on everything from pricing to reseller programs
  • Additional marketing of your content 


What Content is considered Exclusive?

Content is considered Exclusive if it is not uploaded to or available for sale on any other marketplace. You can continue to use your Pond5 Exclusive content for your own purposes and sell and promote it directly on your personal site and channels.

How much will I earn?

As a Pond5 Exclusive Artist, you receive an industry-leading 60% commission on every sale. Participating in our referral program can take that number up to 90%.

When you refer someone to Pond5 through your unique referral link, you’ll receive a 20% commission on their first purchase, no matter what they buy. When they buy something from your portfolio, you receive an additional 10%. That means that you’ll take home 90% of that sale! Find out more about the Pond5 Referral program here.


How can I become a Pond5 Exclusive Artist?

You can join by clicking right here. As soon as you sign up, your royalty rate will immediately change to 60%. You will not have to wait for the next payable month.

What if I have content on other marketplaces, but I want to go Exclusive with Pond5?

You can still join the program today! When you sign up, just select the grace period option, which will give you two weeks to remove your content from other marketplaces.