If you’re planning to upload photos for sale on Pond5, please be sure to follow these guidelines on image quality, file format, resolution, color profile, and other important details.

How to Prepare Your Photos for Upload to Pond5

Image Quality Requirements

Images can be submitted in digital form only. If you would like to submit film/negatives, you must scan them into a digital format before you submit them.

Accurate focus, a clean camera lens, good lighting conditions, and proper camera settings are all required. If your image is not perfectly sharp or is a bit noisy, try to downsize the image. This can help prevent technical problems.

Avoid sending similar shots when only one is your favorite. Edit on your own. Keep batch sizes of similar subjects down to the bare minimum. Avoid sending us the same image with slight variations on the angle.

File Formats

We accept the following image formats:

  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • PNG

PNG files should have transparent backgrounds; otherwise, we suggest you re-save your files in JPG format instead.

Resolution and File Size

The file must be at least 2MP (2 Megapixels/2 Million Pixels) and the maximum value is 170MP. To calculate the number of pixels in a photo, multiply the width by the height. For example, a photo that’s 1700×1300 is 2.21 million pixels. Keep in mind that MP refers to the number of pixels in the image and MB refers to the size. The min dimensions must be at least 1200×1200.

<!– Note: Images may not be upsized more than 5%. If you upload upsized images, your submissions will be rejected and you risk your account being suspended. Images have to be correctly exposed and in focus. –>

Color Profile

All digital files must have the sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998) color space embedded. We do not accept CMYK files or differing resolutions. Black and white images must be desaturated RGB files, not grayscale.

File Names

Please be sure your file names do not contain any special characters or accents.
Examples: &, å, ñ, é, ß, ®, ©, §, ç, ä, ø, ü, quote marks (“ ” or ‘ ’), or commas (,)

Spaces and dashes are not allowed.

Legal Requirements

You must be able to agree to all provisions in our Contributor Agreement in order to sell media files on our site. Please read it thoroughly and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities.

You must be the copyright owner of any image you make available for licensing on Pond5. Generally, if you created the footage, you are the copyright owner and are free to upload and market your work. If you are unsure whether you are the legal copyright holder of a clip, don’t upload it.

For more information, contact our Customer Support at support@pond5.com.