Build Your Brand With Pond5

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to get the most out of your content. Your artist Storefront provides an elegant shopping experience backed by user testing, without the cost of hosting your own website or large video files. It’s also fully customizable, allowing YOU to choose the content that best represents you and deserves to get the most attention. Display your work and build your personal brand on a page you’ll be proud to share.

Now, this goes beyond just having a pretty portfolio. Strong branding is critical for sustained sales success and effective cross-platform promotion. When you build an identifiable brand, buyers will discover and remember your Storefront, and they’ll want to revisit it. They can even search for you by name on Pond5, so give them something to remember! Are you ready to build your brand? Here are some quick tips.


Craft your visual identity

Start with three core visual elements: (1) your profile picture, (2) cover photo, (3) and your featured media.

  • For your profile picture, we suggest using your logo or a recognizable image that you use across all social media channels (crop to 400 x 400px!).
  • For your cover photo, choose a stand-out piece representing your overall style, that scales well to 1400 x 400px.
  • Most importantly, handpick the six items you want to show off in your Featured Media section. Your Pond5 Storefront allows YOU to decide what content best represents you and deserves to get the most attention.


Tell your story in your own words.

Use your bio to share your background, inspiration, awards, accolades, and experiences. Your buyers want to learn the story behind your work and your creative process, and this is the perfect place to introduce yourself in your own words. Keep your writing short and informative, and consider adapting it for use across all your social channels. Maximum length of 500 characters.

Personally-curated collections

Storefronts let you update and organize your Curated Collections—another way to help your brand stand out. Neatly packaged content with recognizable themes makes it easier for buyers to browse through your media, and does justice to carefully planned shoots by showcasing many scenes at a glance!

  • Learn how to curate collections here.
  • Pre-shoot planning and editing workflow are essential for forming healthy work habits. We’ve put together a few tips here.


Promote your work across platforms

On your Storefront, link to your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and/or Twitter profiles to make it easier for customers to follow you beyond Pond5. Promoting across platforms will help you grow your following, build your customer base, and earn extra income from referrals.

Consider using the same logo and cover photo across your social media channels to help increase share-of-mind among potential customers, wherever they are. Visit our Downloads section for more graphics to use across platforms. For help mastering your social game, read this quick guide.


Refer and earn

Did you know you can increase your earnings on Pond5 by referring new customers? You’ll earn on their purchases for a year, no matter what they buy. When they buy your work, we’ll give you an extra bonus.

Whenever you link to your Storefront—whether it’s in your social bios, a post, forum chats, or even in your email signature—make sure you use your referral link so you can maximize your earnings. See how your earnings will stack up and read more about the The Pond5 Referral Program.


Keep growing

Stay up-to-date with data-driven insights. Find trending themes in our Buyer Requests, Music Briefs, and Shoot Briefs, or subscribe to our Artist Insights Newsletter to have them sent straight to your inbox. For information on how to tag your media for these opportunities—which we pass directly to our buyers—check out our Collections article.


Connect with like-minded artists

Share inspiration, discuss business tips, and ask questions with like-minded creators in the Pond5 forum. There are sections for technical discussion, inspiration, collaboration, constructive criticism, celebrating important sales, footage requests, news & announcements, and more. You’ll also have full access to our Pro Tips including a step-by-step guide to pre-production, gear essentials, location scouting, working with green screens, shooting with a gimbal stabilizer, and much more!


Ready to get started?

In short, your Storefront gives you all the tools you need to make your already stellar content more appealing, more accessible, and most importantly, more successful. Start customizing and make your Storefront your own!