Lead Generation Basics


Turn your fans into buyers

We’ve compiled some important information on how to take advantage of your online presence and convert your followers into buyers through lead generation. As a bonus, Pond5 artists have a secret weapon to boost business – the Pond5 – Referral Program.


Intro to lead generation

A ‘lead’ is a potential customer, someone who has shown interest in your product or service. Let’s say several visitors land on your website or Pond5 Storefront. Your goal should be to convert these leads into buyers.

Some leads are more valuable than others. Here are some examples of leads you may encounter:


  • MQL – Marketing Qualified Lead – those who engaged with your ad.
  • SQL – Sales Qualified Lead – contacts who have indicated an interest in buying your product.
  • PQL – Product Qualified Lead – someone who has used your product and wants more.


How do I attract leads?

Lead generation means strategically attracting and converting visitors into potential buyers. Your goal may be to bring them to your website or to interact with your content on your Storefront. Either way, you want them to take their first step on the path to purchase. The most successful lead generation campaigns use simple language and visuals. They tell customers what they need to know and persuade them to take action. Here are a few ways to achieve this.


Downloadable marketing elements

Pre-designed email signatures and other resources are available for download! These basic marketing items show potential buyers that your personal brand is endorsed by Pond5, and link them to your Storefront.


Valuable Social Media Content

Social media is an easy, powerful tool to get global audiences to look at your work. High-quality content provides engaging and useful information for free. It usually features a call to action to learn more. The more relevant and helpful the piece, the more visitors will want to visit your page. Remember to pick the right social media channel for you. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the right one for you.



Email marketing is useful for building a database and nurturing valuable leads. People receiving your emails have already shown interest by subscribing, and are more likely to respond favourably to further promotion. Remember, our downloadable email signature is available for you!


Blog posts

These communication tools allow for lengthier writing. You can tell the stories behind your exciting volcano shots, share the reason behind your affinity for basketball shots or even review Pond5. The entire post is yours to tailor for reaching your goals. Remember to insert our clickable logos – they will lead readers to your Storefront. Don’t forget to add your referral link!


Facebook Ads

Facebook has created a new advertising format called Lead Ads – ads specifically formulated for generating leads. There is also a feature enabling you to place a simple call-to-action button at the top of your Facebook page.



The effectiveness of your PPC campaign strongly depends on budget, optimal keywords and a deep understanding of your target audience. Consider enlisting a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and Google PPC specialist to help.



Once your marketing has brought people to you, Storefronts welcome them to a space that represents your personal brand. Greet them with a catchy bio, professional profile image, and curated collections featuring your best work. Find tips on how to optimize your Storefront here.


Measure Campaign Performance

Generating leads is a learning process. A crucial step to creating highly efficient campaigns is to understand the performance of your previous attempts. You can use both free and paid services, such as Google Analytics or Semrush.