Pond5 Collections

Create collections of your work to help customers discover similar themes within the variety of your portfolio. Collections can be centered around a particular subject matter, location, project, technique, time period, or any other topic!


Creating a Collection

To create a collection, sign in to your Pond5 account and visit your My Collections page.

  • Click the plus button and give your new collection a title.
  • Add as many items to the collection as you’d like.


Type of collections

1. Public Collections

When you make a collection public, you’ll be able to share the link with others. Public collections will also appear in the Collections tab of your Storefront. To make a collection public, visit your My Collections page and click the “Make Public” link underneath the collection title. (Make a collection private again at any time by clicking the “Make Private” button underneath the title.)
Before making a collection public (and visible on your Storefront), you’ll want to add a few pieces of information:

Give your collection a descriptive or fun title that lets buyers know what’s inside.

Write a short description of the content in the collection. Is it your 25 best aerial shots? The footage you shot last winter in Berlin? Your best cinematic intro tracks? Give your buyers an idea of what they’ll find inside.

Cover Photo
Make sure to add a cover picture to give the collection a polished look! You can use artwork from inside the collection or use the same cover photo from your storefront.

Item thumbnails

2. Private Collections

When you create a collection, it will remain private unless you make it public. You can use private collections to organize your work or save items that you want to purchase. No one can see these collections except you.

3. Featured Collections

You can choose up to six of your Public Collections to serve as Featured Collections on the Home Tab and Collections Tab of your Storefront. Visit your My Collections page and click the star underneath the title to feature a collection.


Why Create a Collection?

Collections showcase the depth and breadth of your work in a curated way. Different scenes are made accessible to buyers wanting multiple shots from a single artist, who seek consistent quality and style.

  • Dedicate an entire collection to one of your shoots or projects so that a buyer can view related shots.
  • Identify recurring themes in your work. As an example, have you captured many different landscapes? These would work well as a thematic collection.
  • Location-based content may appeal to clients in a specific region or country. Create a comprehensive collection featuring famous and underrepresented spots within particular areas.


Collections Are a Powerful Referral Tool!

Many artists see success from creating a collection of their work and using it as a referral tool. By adding your unique referral link to your collection, you’ll give customers a 20% discount, and you’ll take home 20% of their first purchase too!
You can turn your collection into a referral link using the custom link generator in your dashboard:

  • Navigate to the Referrals Tab of your Dashboard.
  • Copy the URL of the collection you want to share.
  • Paste the URL in the “Generate a Custom Link” field and click submit.
  • Your custom link will immediately appear below.

Share your custom link with a social media post, in an email, on your blog. Read more about the Referral Program here.


How Can I Add Items to a Collection?

From any Search Results Page:

Use the Collection Toolbar to select the collection you’d like to add to, then hover over the file and click on the Collection icon.

From your Upload Page:

Select the items you’d like to add to your collection by checking the box to the right of each item. Find the drop-down menu at the bottom of your Uploads page. Select “Add to Collection” from the drop-down menu and click “Execute”.

From the Item Edit Page:

Find the “Add to Collections” drop-down menu. Here you can slot items into collections as you edit them. You can also add an item to multiple collections at the same time.


Using the Toolbar as a Shortcut

On any page with Pond5 content, click the arrow on the right to expand the Collections Toolbar. In the toolbar, you can create new collections, add items to a collection, or remove items from your collection. You can also use the toolbar to visit your My Collections page. The toolbar is a great tool to add and remove content from your collections while customizing your Storefront.


How Can I Delete Items from a Collection?

To delete an item from a collection, open the collection and hover over the file you’d like to delete. Press the trash icon, and the file will be removed from the collection.


How Can I Delete a Collection?

To delete a collection entirely, visit your My Collections page and click the trash icon under the title.


Share Your Work With Us

Have you seen our Shoot Briefs and Buyer Requests? These monthly updates from the Pond5 team often ask you to add special tags to your submissions (so we can flag them and promote the work you’re creating!)

If you create content that fits within the theme of a shoot brief or buyer request—for example, you shoot content for a Diversity Shoot Brief—make sure to add the special tag DIVERSITYP5BRIEF.

If you have any collections fitting the theme, let us know by tagging your collection. How do you tag? Find your collection in your Uploads section and add the tag to each media item in the collection.