Tips & tricks: Production Schedule

Things to think about when planning your next project.

Good planning allows you to arrive on a shoot with peace of mind, knowing that the only thing you need to focus on is what’s in front of your lens. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Metadata spreadsheet

Use this Google document as a spreadsheet for your metadata. By clicking on this link, you can make a copy of the document in your own Google Drive which you can access on the go.

Metadata refers to your Title, Description, Keywords, and Price. With this spreadsheet accessible on your phone, you can even easily add a title and a few keywords on the go, even during convenient moments of the shoot. Keeping track of your description in this way can help save time later on down the line, and it’s handy to note any ideas coming out of the creative process!


What to Create

Before embarking on your next project, we recommend scanning through our What to Create section. We pack it with Shoot Briefs, Music briefs, Buyer Requests, and other useful resources to help you plan what’s next! Remember to keep our Top Categories in mind, as these are surefire ways to create in-demand content. Chances are, you can easily incorporate some of these ideas into your next shoot.

Schedule your social

Love it or hate it, there are obvious benefits to having a consistent social media presence. Try to keep a social media calendar to help conceptualize posts at least one month ahead- this takes the pressure off having to come up with something brand new every day. Scheduling platforms such as Later or Hootsuite allow you to create posts at a time most convenient for you, and to set a later time for automatic publishing.

Need help understanding the various social media platforms? Check out this resource here.



Pond5 is a global marketplace, so events or locations just around the corner from you may be of great interest to someone living on the other side of the world. Become a tourist in your area and you’ll see everyday things from a new perspective. Seek out the cultural events, multicultural districts, landmarks, natural resources, bigger cities and rural areas. What story can your area tell?

Check out our detailed post about location scouting here.

Model / Property Releases

Property releases are essential for content featuring the following:

  • recognizable landmarks, buildings, or properties
  • copyrighted music/sounds within an audio track
  • trademarks, logos, or brands


Model releases:

Keeping copies of these handy will help you secure permission to film whenever inspiration strikes. Another, more convenient way to stay covered is with a release app. Here are two examples to check out!

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Media production requires our full attention. Consider these tips so you can hit the ground running.

Arrive an hour earlier and leave an hour later

Are you a filmmaker or photographer? Take full advantage of your location. Capture the surroundings before production starts, then do the same after the sun has set. Day and night footage of subject matter is an easy way to broaden your portfolio.

Social media

Create a buzz among fellow creators and buyers. Here are some on-set ideas to factor into your social calendar.

  • Behind the scenes – People love to see the reality behind a perfect project.
  • Equipment – Share what kind of equipment you are using and why.
  • Set up – Explain the production setup. For filmmakers and photographers, this means the staging of a photoshoot or a video. For illustrators or animators, this could be educating others on your studio.
  • Techniques – are you shooting in bad weather or darkness? Do you create digital masterpieces using different software? Posts detailing your execution are popular as people want to learn how the final product came about.
  • Teasers – think on-the-go, raw, unedited clips hinting at what’s to come.



Jot down whatever keywords come to mind throughout production, saving you time during the submission process.

The shoots are complete, and now the real work starts. Good thing you can take post-production in your stride with these helpful considerations.

Recycle your footage

Do you have scenes or tracks that didn’t make the final cut? These could be valuable additions to the Pond5 library!


Social media channels are fantastic places to make your outtakes work for you.

Batch upload & Apply CSV

If you have prepared your metadata during pre-production and production, try and see if using a FTP uploader could be something for you. It could truly speed up the process for you and help streamline your work.

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