Your Pond5 Guide to the Year

Use this year-long calendar to build your brand like a pro! It includes ideas on what content to create, the events and holidays to look out for, social media engagement, helpful tips on just about everything, and more.

You’ll find these categories in every month of the year.

    • EVERGREEN – These are primary content categories that remain in consistent demand. Keep them in mind for future shoots, and if you have existing suitable work, notify us by adding a tag to your metadata. Read up on how to tag your content here, and see all the briefs for the Evergreen categories here.

    • HOLIDAY / EVENT – Buyers look for content connected to a Holiday or event, months before the day arrives. As an example, the world’s largest companies start producing their Christmas commercials during the summer. We recommend planning content 4-6 months ahead. The Olympics, on the other hand, occur every 4 years — there is always something new to look forward to.

    • SOCIAL POST – A collection of topics to start conversations and help engage with your professional community. They’re helpful as thought starters, but don’t be afraid to experiment. You may be surprised at what content resonates with your audience.

    • TIP – This section shares a mix of exciting new developments and helpful expertise. Find updates on everything from handy apps to production techniques.



  • EVERGREEN – Business

    Business shoots can cover a wide variety of scenes. Think telecommuting, small businesses, startups, shared co-working spaces, and corporate boardroom meetings, to name a few.
    Keyword: BUSP5BRIEF

    • New Year’s Day
    • Sundance Film Festival
    • What Festivals, Events are you planning on attending in January?

    Share your goals for the year ahead. It’s good to have these written down, so you can see how far you have come in a year.
  • TIP
    New Year, new social goals! Check out how to repurpose your video for social media.

    Polish your Pond5 About Me section, and update all social channels to ensure they’re all consistent for a sense of professionalism at every buyer touchpoint.


  • EVERGREEN – Technology

    Technology is an integral part of everyday life and can thus be included in a lifestyle or business scene or filmed in a standalone shoot. Remember to stay on top of frequent updates to consumer devices!
    Keyword: TECHP5BRIEF

    • Super Bowl
      • Pro tips: If you have anything sport-related in your portfolio, remember to put this keyword in your metadata: If you have anything sport-related in your portfolio, remember to put this keyword in your metadata: BRSPORTS2021
      • For commercial clearance, you must provide model releases for any person filmed wearing distinctive clothing showing their name. You will also need a property release from the team owner/intellectual property owner if team jerseys or branded clothing display logos, sponsors, etc.
    • Chinese New Year
      • What Holidays do you celebrate in your country/region? Take advantage of your location and shoot something unique and underrepresented around your Holidays.

    Valentines Day– Roses, chocolates, you know the drill. Why not create something unique by experimenting with a new technique – like stop motion or collage for example.
  • TIP
    Create a new Pond5 collection to announce on social media! See how, right here. While you’re at it, why not look a few months ahead to see what events are coming up for future new collections (hint: There’s a big one. It starts with an E and ends in -aster)


  • EVERGREEN – Science

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) has brought about many of history’s finest innovations, so there are numerous ways to represent this theme. When casting for the shoot, keep in mind that there’s a big focus on encouraging more females to enter this field.

    • International Women’s Day
    • International Earth Day / Sun-Earth Day
      – There is an ever-increasing demand for content around sustainability, green energy and the environment.

    Announce your upcoming projects in creatively engaging ways. For example, ask for tips from locals when travelling to a new location. Are you looking to try out new techniques/equipment? Why not prompt followers for their reviews— then give yours in an additional post!

  • TIP
    Daylight Savings begins at 2:00 a.m. (The date varies upon location) You’re going to be an hour late for meetings, or is it an hour early? Who knows. What we do know, however, is that daytime and nighttime shots on the same theme is a great idea- this gives buyers variety.


    • April Fool’s Day – Why not use some unbelievable SFX techniques?
    • Good Friday, Easter Sunday
    • Ramadan begins

    Post about your process, people love to hear the story behind an artist’s work. That’s because there’s always a new keyboard shortcut we don’t know about or another lightning-shot trick to learn.
  • TIP
    • Check out our Shoot Briefs for inspiration. We recommend scanning through these from time to time!
    • Have you ever used an app for releases? Give one of these two a try:
      1. Model Releaser – works with both iOS and Android
      2. Easy Release – works with both iOS and Android


  • EVERGREEN – Current Events

    Politics and social issues dominate news headlines worldwide. The demand for footage that illustrates politics, conflicts, riots, protests, voting, drug abuse, pollution and many other socially relevant topics only grows larger.

    • Star Wars Day
    • Cinco de Mayo – what are your local holidays?
    • Mother’s Day
    • Memorial Day

    Timelapse – Include the whole process, including set-up and editing. Share what tools you used and what unexpected obstacles you ran into – there’s always something, isn’t there?
  • TIP
    Why not build your network by sharing skills with a tutorial? Check out Wondershare for tips on screen recording and editing.


  • EVERGREEN – Diversity

    The topic of representing diversity and inclusion is becoming a top priority worldwide. Buyers are looking for content that explicitly highlights and showcases different people from all races, religions, creeds, sexual orientation, ages, and abilities, especially those from minority or marginalized groups.

    • Juneteenth Day
    • Summer Solstice
    • Father’s Day

    Social media rewards engagement, not likes. You can grow this by asking your network what they think of your work, for e.g. posting two identical stills with different editing and asking for their follower favourites.
  • TIP
    All eyes on summer! Update your network on what you’ll be doing in shooting in the upcoming months. Share if you are travelling and if you’re open to collaborating on more exciting projects! Use every opportunity to grow your network online and off.
  • It’s not too late for a spring clean. Freshen up your showreel/portfolio, making sure your Pond5 Featured collection displays your best work.


  • EVERGREEN – Sports

    Sport-themed footage is always relevant, whether professional or recreational. Create sports content around themes of fan loyalty, success, determination, power, endurance, focus, preparation, precision, achievement, and teamwork. You may notice that many of these also apply to the business category — opportunity for a hybrid shoot.
    Keyword: SPORTSP5BRIEF

    • Independence Day
    • Summer music festivals – while the model and property releases pose a challenge, festivals remain a subject in demand.

    How do you find your inspiration? Do you sketch scenes or compile mood boards, watch movies or read books? Post about your muse and ask your audience where they find their ideas.
  • TIP
    • Have a look at our video on Moodboarding. As a lot of artists on Pond5 are visual artists this is definitely one of the best techniques to use, learn about and master.
    • Are you looking for new shot techniques? Here’s a vid on how to Hyperlapse?


    • Fall and the consequent run-up to Christmas are usually the busiest months for stock media sales. August is the right time to start thinking about content for Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Holidays. Take your portfolio up a notch and make curated collections for these themes! Remember to check that everything is tagged correctly.

    In the busiest months of the year, it’s helpful to diarize time to post and engage with your social media community. Not only does it help you be consistent, but you’ll be less likely to waste time getting distracted on social media! Did you know that some Youtubers advertise their content upload date to generate interest and to stay on schedule?
  • TIP

    It’s still hot right now, and so is 2D animation. Experiment by adding some to your videos!


  • EVERGREEN – Education

    Learning is a lifelong experience. We’re looking for content around this theme, starting with children developing early skills through creative play, social interactions, and introductory academics — all the way through to university studies and continued adult education such as workshops.
    Keyword: EDUP5BRIEF

    • Labor Day
    • 911 Remembrance
    • Grandparents Day – Forget stereotypes — there is a big demand for authentic representation of our real golden oldies!

    Check on your social media metrics. Which posts had the most engagement? Are they leading to new sales? Understand your metrics to optimize your posting schedule, subject matter, or even choice of social media platform.
  • TIP
    Use your network to keep up with the ever-evolving world of production. Start conversations around current trends, topics and tools with your community, asking for recommendations of their favourite blogs, channels, pages etc.


  • EVERGREEN – Medical And Health

    Healthcare is one of the most important categories in our industry, however accessing medical facilities can be a challenge for authentic content. Try casting believable doctors, dentists, or medical professionals for your shoots, in doctor’s offices, surgery rooms, or senior centres that feel genuine.

    • World Mental Health Day
    • Halloween

    Have you ever polled your followers on social media? These are a fun and interactive way to find good advice and insight. Select an industry trend and ask people if they think it will last, with a simple yes/no answer.
  • TIP
    Who have you started following this year that you think is on top of their game? Whose work do you admire? Send some appreciation to those who inspire you and ask about their journey.


  • EVERGREEN – Cities

    Urban skylines change rapidly, so there’ll never be too many fresh angles of a city. Beyond high rise buildings, complementary themes include industry, transportation, and neighborhoods. These are important to capture as well.
    Keyword: CITIESP5BRIEF

    • All Saint’s Day
    • Daylight Savings time
    • Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
    • All Soul’s Day
    • U.S. General Election Day
    • Veteran’s Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Black Friday

    Black Friday is a fantastic opportunity to promote your work! Remind your audience that they get 20% off on their purchase when visiting your Storefront via your referral link.
  • TIP
    Try renting a drone and give a new technique a go. Check out this video on Aerials for inspiration.


    • Advent starts
    • Winter Solstice – (shortest day of the year) – New Season
    • Holidays – Christmas, Boxing Day – date can vary, Kwanzaa
    • New Year’s Eve

    Advent starts exactly four weeks before Christmas. Why not try posting a holiday-friendly new technique every week?
    • 2D animation
    • Hyperlapse
    • Timelapse
    • Aerial shots
  • Or go full advent calendar, posting new work every single day leading up to Christmas.
  • TIP
    Finish on a high. Post a roundup of all the projects you’ve done this year, and share your appreciation for those who’ve been on your journey.