Referral Program Best Practices

Transform forums, sites, blogs, and social networks into powerful sales tools with the Pond5 Referral Program.

When you refer, you’ll earn a commission on every new buyer you introduce to Pond5, no matter what they buy! Put the entire Pond5 library to work for you and earn up to $500 for each new customer you refer.


How can I make the most of the Referral Program?

1. Customize Your Referral Link

1. Customize Your Referral Link

Use the custom link generator in your dashboard to refer your network to any page on Pond5.

Finished curating a brand new collection? Update others with a social media post, and include a referral link leading to that collection. Want to show your colleague your favorite Pond5 artist? Send them a link to their Storefront.

To generate a custom link:

  • Navigate to the Referrals Tab of your Dashboard.
  • Copy the URL of the page you want to share.
  • Paste the URL in the “Generate a Custom Link” field and click submit.
  • Your custom link will immediately appear below.
2. Promote Your Portfolio

2. Promote Your Portfolio

Refer buyers to your Storefront and promote your portfolio! You’ll receive your normal royalty share PLUS a referral commission, and the buyer you refer will get a 20% discount.

  • Navigate to the Referrals Tab of your Dashboard.
  • In the Promote Your Portfolio section, copy the link.
  • Share far and wide!

3. Add your referral link to your email signature

Newsletters and email communication are still on track with current marketing trends!

  • On the Contributor Portal, navigate to the Downloads section.
  • Here you’ll find templates we’ve created just for you that display the 20% new buyer discount.
  • Download the template and add it to your email signature so you can refer each time you email a contact!

Pond5 Email Signature

4. Put your social media bios to work for you

Experts say that professional ‘About Me’ sections should not be about you, but your customers. The key is to position yourself as a solution to their needs—so why not give them 20% off their Pond5 purchase?

Think of all the places you have bios (like Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) Send your followers to your Storefront (using your referral link!), and promote it by offering a 20% discount on Pond5. You can also include your referral link when you direct viewers to swipe up on Instagram Stories, or even as interactive cards on YouTube.

5. Refer to your collections

5. Refer to your collections

One of Pond5’s most powerful curation features is the collection. Functioning as mini portfolios, they are excellent tools to organize your work and hand-select content for buyers. They are also a great place to send your customers, providing relevant work for someone interested in a specific theme.

If you are posting about a new project, try creating and promoting a new project collection, offering a 20% discount to go along with it.

6. Refer to an Item

6. Refer to an Item

If a buyer is interested in one of your items, share it using a referral link. They will instantly get 20% off.

Note: If you’re a Pond5 Exclusive Artist, you can take home up to 90% of the sale of that item!

Twitter is the perfect platform for item referrals. If people like what they see on their feed, the referral link lets them know that they can get it at a 20% discount.


Important things to note


  • Our hassle-free Referral Program automatically applies discounts at checkout.
  • You get paid (in dollars, not credits!) for every purchase your referrals make for a full year, up to $500.
  • You can track your referrals and monitor earnings in the My Financials section of your dashboard. Identify where, and when, your links successfully refer buyers.
  • Remember, the more visibly and often you share your link, the more opportunities you have to earn!