Master Your Metadata

Metadata refers to the title, description, and keywords on each of your items. Every week, millions of searches are performed on Pond5 by high-intent buyers looking for specific content. Our search algorithm relies on your metadata to surface the most relevant content to customers. It’s crucial to take the time to fill these fields out thoughtfully. Our most successful artists have learned how to make metadata work for them!

The more thorough your description, the better your chances of appearing on customers’ screens! All metadata should be in English. Avoid keyword stuffing (adding irrelevant keywords or an excess of keywords), and remember not to add any special characters or symbols.

  • Title – Nothing fancy. Should convey exactly what is depicted in your work.
  • Description – Be as descriptive as possible. Wherever you can, include time and location, date and event name, and description of the scene
      • Suggested format: CITY, COUNTRY (STATE) – YEAR/MONTH/DAY: Factual description of the image content.
      • Use English names for months, use words in place of numbers
      • Example: New York, USA – 2024, Nov 5: Presidential Election, People Holding Ballots.
  • Keywords – Words that are used as identifiers or labels for your media files.

Please note that you should always include 40-50 keywords to your item. Ask yourself, “What will a buyer have to search to find my clip?” Relevant keywords play the most important role in our search algorithm.

For more detailed information on metadata visit our Getting Started section.

We have also published a detailed Pro Tips Guide To Choose the Right Keywords.