Pricing Your Work

Our Data and Trends section makes average prices available as a benchmark. We also recommend referring to similar categories on Pond5 and assessing your own objectively. Is there high competition for this content, or is your subject matter under-represented? Doing this helps you understand if people are likely to pay higher or lower than the average price.

Pond5 sets an optimized price for a 4K video item based on extensive testing and adjusts pricing in international markets to fit the purchasing power in a specific country. These adjustments maximize the total revenue you earn from each asset.

If your work is available on competitor sites, your highest price will be the cap for the same item on Pond5.
If you’re a video artist, for ultimate pricing control (and an industry-leading 60% royalty share!), the Pond5 Exclusivity Program gives you complete autonomy. However, if you prefer to be advised by a Pond5 curator, you can select that on the ‘edit item’ page before submitting your clip for review.