Top Category: Nature Today

Political leaders, activists, and companies emphasize climate change and conservation. As a result, nature content is one of our Top Categories. Contribute to a shared vision of a green, healthy planet or illustrate the dire need for change.
Use this unique keyword so we can identify your content: EVERGREENNATURE


Popular Nature Themes


  • Forests and Rainforests—Think emerald green foliage, exotic plants, and critters from among the treetops and under rocks. Alternatively, show the destruction of biodiversity by monoculture, extraction, etc.
  • Underwater World—Show colorful reefs, feasting fish, and minuscule sand life. Or focus on polluted beaches, floating plastic, dying corals, etc.
  • Indigenous Animals–Show us your local animal life, such as the pandas of China, orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra, toucans in South America, or even the North American cougar.
  • Extreme Weather–Capture unusual, dramatic, or out-of-season weather, such as dust storms, tornados, hurricanes, etc.
  • Endangered Species–Feature polar bears, koalas, Adélie penguins, etc.
  • Global Warming causes and consequences–Shoot melting ice caps, greenhouse gasses, dry soil, deforestation, wildfires, etc.


Swimming Sea Turtle And Sandy Seabed. Underwater Video From Scuba Diving by blueseacz.


Maximize your sales potential

  • Buyers need a diverse portfolio so start experimenting! For example, when using a drone, play with the dynamics of the movement and shoot a slow-motion top view or a fast POV flight through a valley.
  • Get up close for macro shots of exotic flowers, trees, and small animals.
  • Timelapse / hyperlapse shots are popular–capture a flower growing from the soil, etc.
  • Follow news bulletins–buyer requests are sure to follow!
  • Prioritize your safety and environmental preservation. Follow local rules Covid regulations, and only enter areas when permitted.

Conceptual Keywords

Include relevant conceptual keywords to ensure buyers find your content in broader searches. Need inspiration? You can search for similar content on Pond5, sort the results by “Popular,” and see what other artists do!


  • Don’t forget to use the special keyword from this article, EVERGREENNATURE
  • Planning to shoot editorial footage of events? Please don’t forget to properly format metadata
  • Stay safe and have fun!

Top image: Emerald Lake Cinemagraph In Canada, Time Lapse, Looping by crackerclips.

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Shoot Briefs: Localized Content

Special Keyword Code: LOCALIZEDCONTENT2022

Here’s looking at you, wherever you are! Content from diverse locations across all continents is in high demand, with customers from many industries looking for fresh takes on local areas, whether commercial or editorial. Show off where you live, and contribute to our global but local collection!

African Family Working Together, Measuring Out Quantities Of Rice Or Grain by hotelfoxtrot.

Shot List Thought Starters

  • Local Upcoming Events – Heading to an e-sport, traditional sport, or political event? Shoot everything from conferences to political conventions to local festivals – think National Cherry Blossom Festival, Ramadan, Chinese New Year, Kwanzaa, etc.
    • Remember, the preferred format for a newsworthy editorial description is: PLACE, CITY, COUNTRY, (MONTH, DAY, YEAR)
  • Local buildings, city parks, streets, and landmarks. Buyers love aerials and locked-off images taken from the same angle day and night.
  • Buyers value images and footage of local nature—think of national parks, forests, animals, flora, etc.
  • There’s a strong desire for Lifestyle shots as well! Show us your local food and drinks, fashions, traditions, and typical gatherings–Easy to capture when out at a house party, garden BBQ, or enjoying the night in a pub.
  • Who are the people in your neighborhood? Whether a tech company CEO or a local farmer running a small business, show us the people representing your location!
  • Focus on diversity. Choose models that truly represent the communities, whether LGBTQ+, Indigenous people, etc.


Chhath Festival (India, Nepal, Hindusim) _2 by aadityanrn.


Suggested Keywords

Think of keywords that truly describe what is happening in the shot. Be precise with locations, names of the landmarks, parks, etc. – use the advantage of having a unique shot from a unique location.


Trending Hashtags

Get inspired by social media’s most popular hashtags. If you’re planning to shoot an event, use the trending hashtags you find on Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms.


Submission Checklist

  • Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: LOCALIZEDCONTENT2022
  • Include relevant keywords.
  • It’s important to attach property release and model release forms to all videos you intend to list as suitable for commercial use on the Marketplace. Remember to check that there is no 3rd party IP, such as distinctive logos, designs, etc.

Top Image: Hirano Shrine Cherry Blossom Festival Lanterns In Kyoto, Japan by sangapark.

Shoot Briefs: 2022, The Year of Election

Creative Brief – Special Keyword Code: USElections2022

Various countries are preparing to hold elections this year, from South Korea to France, Australia to the U.S. midterms, and more. In the face of change, we can be confident of three things: shifts in the global political landscape, political campaigners looking for media, and news organizations seeking editorial footage.


PRO TIP: Update Your Existing After Effects and Graphics

Have you uploaded election-related special effects before, such as lower thirds After Effects, national flag animations, intros, etc.? If so, just re-export and re-upload your work with the current year, updating the description and keywords!

Typing Motivational Announcement Vote In 2022 On A Vintage Typewriter Close-Up by labutstudio.


Submission Thought Starters

There is tremendous demand for VIDEO, STILL PHOTOGRAPHY, MUSIC, ILLUSTRATION and SFX in this category.


Editorial Footage & Photos

  • Politicians delivering speeches and leading public demonstrations
  • Voters waiting in front of polling stations
  • Politicians on the campaign trail
  • Supporters holding signs for political candidates and key issues
  • Protesters against key political issues
  • Influential personalities speaking out on political & social issues
  • Major political events in history, including speeches, the election process, parades, events, protests, etc.
  • Key politicians from your own country’s history

IMPORTANT NOTE: Buyers will search for footage from their locality so be sure to provide the proper date and location.

  • Suggested format: PLACE, CITY, COUNTRY, (MONTH, DAY, YEAR)
  • Example: Dallas, Texas‎, United States (March 1, 2022)


4K: Young Black Female Voter Voting At The Usa Election With Face Mask by purplevideos.


Commercial Footage, After Effects, Illustrations, and Photos

  • Various animations (national flags, lower thirds, intros, logo animations, transitions.)
  • Establishing shots (aerial views, skyline, cityscapes, etc.)
  • Depictions of the critical issues discussed in your local politics (healthcare, economy, immigration, ecology, DEI, etc.)
  • All touchpoints of the Electoral process. Think close-ups of ballots, commercially cleared shots of protesting crowds, etc.
  • Proud supporters wearing merchandise for their favorite candidate (badges, hats, t-shirts, badges, etc.)
  • Illustrations relating to the list of keywords above.



  • Crowd reactions including cheering in a stadium, clapping, booing, etc.
  • Check out our Music Briefs dedicated to Politics!


Keyword Ideas

Top-quality metadata helps buyers find your work, so copy some keywords from this handy list when uploading your new content or updating existing items. Less is more, so use only the most relevant words or phrases!

Politic, democracy, citizen, economic, economy, freedom, speech, protest, vote, government, national, ballot, voting, president, Washington, patriotism, campaign, candidate, democrat, republican, civil, register, capitol, flag, national, collusion, elect, impeach

Find more inspiration on how to choose and add keywords here.


Trending Hashtags

Get inspired by social media’s most popular hashtags. The following are trending Instagram hashtags for the US Midterms:

#midterms #vote #election #midtermelections #usa #politics #election2022 #bluewave #electionday #ivoted #midterms2022 #voting #elections #democracy #democrat #democrats #rockthevote #votingmatters #govote #republican #getoutthevote #yourvotecounts #voterregistration #washingtondc #votethemout #congress #american

Keep an eye out for any local keywords associated with your shoot locations. For example, if you’re about to upload a shot of people registering to vote in Arizona, look at the hashtags used by politicians in Arizona and add them to the keywords. Don’t forget to add USElections2022!

However, this process works for every country so if you plan to shoot a set depicting the presidential election in France, get inspired by the Twitter and Instagram trending hashtags.


Production Checklist


  • Safety is extremely important when capturing footage in crowded, chaotic, and sometimes violent circumstances.
  • Make sure to assess the situation, ensuring that you can film safely as events unfold.
  • If using your mobile phone, position it horizontally so that customers have maximum flexibility when using the image or footage.


Submission Checklist:


  • Please remember to tag your clips with the keyword code: USElections2022
  • Relevant keywords are extremely important to include as well.
  • Make sure you have your property release and model release forms attached to videos you intend to list as suitable for commercial use on the Marketplace. Also check that commercially cleared images and footage don’t contain any 3rd party IP, such as distinctive logos, designs, etc.

Buyer Requests: Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Commercially-Cleared Architecture

Most Wanted in January

Kickstart 2022 with inspiration from our latest Buyer Requests! Read on to learn what’s in high demand: content around Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and Commercially-Cleared Architecture. Don’t forget to add the relevant special keywords while uploading — these let us track and promote your content!

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay — and our buyers are looking for scenes showing how people will spend it. Think loving couples, friend nights, blind dates, family gatherings, DIY cards, or even grumpy cynics. Go on and shoot your shot!

Shot List Thought Starters

  • DIY Valentine cards from different angles
  • Gift shopping
  • People of all ages on blind dates
  • Seniors and elderly couples enjoying dinner or dancing in the living room
  • Same-sex couples enjoying a romantic date
  • Authentic and diverse couples
  • Happy singles
  • Grumpy people who hate Valentine’s Day
  • Shops and households decorated for Valentine’s Day

Suggested Keywords

Valentine, Valentine’s Day, Authentic couple, Diverse couple, LGBT+, Valentine Decor,…

Target Group

All groups, but specifically ad agencies, corporate clients, non-profit organizations, TV production companies, etc.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also referred to as the Spring Festival or Lunar Year, celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. This year, February 1st marks the start of the Year of the Tiger, prompting celebrations worldwide.

Shot List Thought Starters

  • Celebrations among Chinese communities based in the US and Europe
  • Families gathering for the annual reunion dinner
  • People participating in the traditional cleaning of their houses to sweep away bad fortune and make way for good luck
  • Windows and doors decorated with traditional red paper-cuts and couplets
  • Close-ups of gourmet dishes, such as Buddha’s delight, jau gok, nian gao, etc.
  • Married couples giving traditional red envelopes to young, unmarried children in the family
  • Markets and village fairs decorated with traditional lanterns, etc.
  • Typical Chinese New Year fashion
  • Tiger symbolism in fashion, decorations, etc.
  • Fireworks
  • The day after Chinese New Year

Suggested Keywords

Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, Lunar Year, Year of the Tiger, Chinese traditions, jau gok, nian gao, paper-cuts, etc.

Target Group

All groups, but specifically ad agencies, corporate clients, and non-profit organizations

Commercially-Cleared Architecture

Commercially-Cleared Architecture

Useful as establishing shots, video clips featuring commercially-cleared architecture are often used in surprising ways across a wide variety of projects. Many buyers recolor buildings for vintage projects, representing eras as far back as medieval times!

Shot List Thought Starters

  • Shots of buildings taken from the same angle at day and night
  • Static shots of weathered buildings
  • Historical buildings in different architectural styles from cities like Rome or Prague
  • Close-ups of columns, arches, graffiti, ceilings, doors, windows, etc.
  • Empty street shots without people, cars, or modern signage
  • Buildings characteristic of the 1980s and 1990s
  • Aerial shots of buildings, squares, parks, bridges, etc.

Suggested Keywords

Vintage, old building, historical, establishing shot, same angle, day and night shot, empty street, retro, aerial shot

Target Group

All groups, especially ad agencies and TV productions.


All building scenes must be cleared for commercial use. This means we cannot accept footage featuring logos or 3rd party intellectual property, recognizable people, cars, street signs, etc. Additionally, we will require a signed property release from the building owner if it is uniquely designed or is recognizable by the door number. Lastly, please stay safe and do NOT enter the owner’s land or property without permission.

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