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Check out our creative briefs for advice on what to shoot and how to shoot it.

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    Creative Brief: Working From Home

    As companies shift their workforce to more remote positions and pandemics keep us all inside, working from home will be the new reality for many workers around the globe.

    Creative Brief: Alternative Transportation

    Whether it’s an electric vehicle, public transportation, riding a bicycle, or taking a scooter share, alternatives are becoming more common. This is an opportunity to show the booming market for transportation alternatives.

    Creative Brief: Politics

    The political scenes in the US, UK, and around the globe continue to dominate news headlines, driving demand for imagery of political figures.

    Creative Brief: Watching TV at Home

    Advertisers often use these types of images and clips to promote a network, entertainment and sports events, and products geared toward audiences of all ages.

    Creative Brief: Sports Fans

    The trend of accessing live sports on a mobile device is growing, but there’s still also a high demand for imagery of the more traditional approach of watching games on a TV.

    Creative Brief: Going to the Movies

    Producing an entire shoot in a movie theatre that explores the theatre-going experience can potentially provide the blockbuster concept in your collection.

    Creative Brief: Client Requests – Lifestyle

    We receive shot wish lists directly from clients on a regular basis. Similar requests from multiple customers often come up, especially in the lifestyle genre.

    Creative Brief: Citizen Journalism

    The age of mobile devices with high-quality cameras has made it easier than ever for anyone to capture footage of events as they unfold.

    Creative Brief: Paranormal Activity

    There are an enormous number of TV shows and documentaries that deal with supernatural themes. That translates to a huge demand for clips that illustrate stranger things.

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