Shoot Briefs

Shoot Briefs offer rich new content challenges based on rising themes in the market. Get inspired and plan ahead to increase your portfolio’s sales potential.

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    Creative Briefs: 360/VR

    USE THIS SPECIAL KEYWORD IN YOUR METADATA SO WE CAN PROMOTE YOUR CONTENT: 360VRP5BRIEF 360/VR or 360-degree Virtual Reality is a type of footage that allows viewers to step into another world and explore it from every angle – in the end, it makes them feel like they are there! Unlike traditional videos, 360 VR …

    Creative Briefs: Politics

    Politics is a vital component of human society, as it influences our everyday lives. This month we're looking for fresh political content.

    Creative Briefs: Military

    Military is one of the most discussed topics among politicians, government officials, and society. Join us as we cultivate and capture the various landscapes of military life, one frame at a time.

    Creative Briefs: The World of Science

    Science has fundamentally changed how we live Switch the lens and dive into the world of science, this month’s creative brief theme.

    Creative Briefs: Transportation

    With a history spanning over 5,000 years, transportation has continuously evolved from humble beginnings with horses and the invention of the wheel to monumental achievements like the space shuttle’s first flight. Fasten your seatbelts, get inspired, and let your imagination take flight with this month’s Creative Briefs topic.

    Creative Briefs: Mine More Profit From the Industrial Footage

    Industry runs the world’s economy. Therefore it isn’t surprising that industrial stock footage will always be in high demand by corporate clients. So get inspired, prepare for your next production, and mine profit from Industrial Footage.

    Creative Briefs: Backgrounds

    In constant demand by web designers, ad agencies, content creators, and artists, uploading your background graphic is always a great idea. Your submission could be selected to elevate work the world over.

    Creative Briefs: Space Travel through Green Screen

    Space and space travel isn’t just the domain of SpaceX and Star Wars. Most of us have an enduring fascination with outer space. Get inspired for your next production with this month's topic.

    Shoot Brief: Dramatic Nature Landscape Timelapses

    This month, we’re looking specifically for timelapse shots of dramatic natural landscapes to help narrow this extensive category.

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