Shoot Briefs

Check out our creative briefs for advice on what to shoot and how to shoot it.

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    Creative Brief: Client Requests – Lifestyle

    We receive shot wish lists directly from clients on a regular basis. Similar requests from multiple customers often come up, especially in the lifestyle genre.

    Creative Brief: Citizen Journalism

    The age of mobile devices with high-quality cameras has made it easier than ever for anyone to capture footage of events as they unfold.

    Creative Brief: Paranormal Activity

    There are an enormous number of TV shows and documentaries that deal with supernatural themes. That translates to a huge demand for clips that illustrate stranger things.

    Creative Brief: Crime Scene

    Crime-themed programming continues to be on the rise, as are requests from our customers for this type of content.

    Creative Brief: High Tech Detection

    Sophisticated technology plays a huge part in the way local and global governments thwart crime and terrorist attacks.

    Creative Brief: Milestones

    Milestones are significant events that occur in one’s lifetime, and Pond5 needs images that demonstrate firsts, which signify change and progression.

    Creative Brief: Young at Heart

    Today’s seniors are staying young by engaging in fun activities they enjoyed in their youth. Try capturing seniors motor-biking, surfing, or doing any other cool activity deemed 'unacceptable' for folks over 65.

    Creative Brief: Startups

    There’s a high demand for imagery around startups and new entrepreneurs with their team members in action.

    Creative Brief: Baby on Board

    There's no greater milestone than bringing a new life into the world, and Pond5 needs images that demonstrate the time leading up to birth, as well as all of a baby’s first moments.

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